Anmol Kesar Lassi Shop – Sowcarpet Famous Lassi Decoded

If you ever go Roaming the streets of Sowcarpet, there is something you must do, and that’s gulping down a cool glass of creamy lassi. It’s the perfect way to beat the heat, add some energy to your cells and give your palate a delicious sweet journey

But where to get the best Lassi in the city? Well, ask any Chennai resident and they’ll point to this place – the ultra-popular Anmol Kesar Lassi Shop.

Made of thick curd and infused with tons of Saffron & cream, the Lassi they serve has been the toast of the city for over 30 years. It’s sweet, it’s filling, and the coolness oh so good for this sweltering heat of this season.

Care to know more about this little shop and its world-famous lassies before making the trip? Read on then;

Anmol Kesar Lassi Shop – Quick Facts

1.Shop NameAnmol Mohit Patiala Special Kesar Lassi
2.OwnerMr. Dinesh Soni
3.LocationSowcarpet, Chennai, Tamil Nadu
4.Famous ForKesar Lassi
5.Price140 INR(850ml)
6.Google MapGet Directions
7.Contact Number
8.Opening HoursMon - Sat: 9am–7pm

Anmol Kesar Lassi Shop – A Brief Introduction

Located in South Mint Street, George Town, Chennai, the Anmol Lassi Shop is a street-side concern that punches above its ultra-small stature. The owner, Mr. Dinesh Soni – once a trained Rajasthani wrestler – has been operating this small lassi shop for the last 30+ years.

Made live by his own hands with only natural ingredients, the Lassi is served in Big Patiala glasses (a store exclusive) that can hold up to 1 liter. You can have your Lassi fill in two sizes – half a glass (450ml) that retails for 70 rupees, or if you are really famished, you can go for the 140 priced full glass (850ml) lassi juggernauts, which is enough to be a meal by itself!

The shop always has an excited crowd thronging around it. They have also been featured in several news daily’s, channel programs, and popular YouTube Vlogs.

Anmol Kesar Lassi Shop – The Lassi Legacy That’ll Leave Your Tongue Swimming

In his unique Punjabi dialect, Mr. Dinesh Soni proudly says; “Jab jab garmi ne mara hai, Anmol lassi ne sanwara hai (when the heat gets killing high, Anmol lassi to the rescue)” and we agree. Served cold in large glasses, the shop’s creamy buttermilk lassi is the ultimate cure to beat Chennai’s scorching summer heat once and for all.

Serving his customers from 9 in the morning till 7 in the evening, Dinesh – a mountain of a man at 6ft – deftly fills large cooled glasses with sweet Lassi & Maalai (dried cream) and passes it along to thirsty customers who crowds the shop.

Anmol lassi shop’s highlight is the Kesar lassi – sweet and creamy drink made with non-sour curd which is infused with copious amounts of saffron and sugary sweetness and served cold in large Punjabi glasses. Mr. Dinesh further drops a bit of dried cream (milk duds) into the drink before serving them. He says that this gives the drink extra creaminess and a surprise chewiness at the end – and we did love it!

The drink has its own fan base with regulars from all walks of life. Even in winter when the air turns chilly in Chennai, the Anmol Kesar Lassi remains a best seller all year around.

How Mr.Dinesh Prepares His Lassi – What Makes It So Awesome?

Ask Mr. Dinesh if there are any secrets to making his popular cold beverage and he will say no – he says that his interest & love for the job is what makes his Lassi’s so amazing.

That said, he did go into detail about how he makes his awesome Lassi’s every day;

1 Milk

Mr.Dinesh sources the milk needed to make his lassi from a nearby Village which he then carefully makes into fresh curd every single day.

2 Curd

The curd is surprisingly not sour at all. Its slight blandness and creamy texture absorb the sugar well & help maintain the drink’s balance.

3 Saffron

He imports real saffron from his native place in Rajasthan to be added to the drink. Dinesh says that this is what gives his lassi that unique Primrose color and healthiness.

4 Perfect For Summer

Before serving, the drink is kept super cold in a big icebox and is served straight to the customer in chilled glasses. So yeah, it’s perfect for the summer heat. The water he uses comes packaged, which along with the use of real saffron, helps justify the pricey rates.

5 Beauty Benefits

According to Dinesh, drinking his Kesar Lassi often can also (interestingly) help you “lighten” your skin color thanks to the liberal infusion of Saffron in the drink!

What Else Anmol Kesar Lassi Shop Offers?

Aside from his renowned Lassi’s, Mr. Dinesh also sells “kaara mor (spicy curd).” If you are not a fan of sweetness but want a drink just as refreshing, this is the one to get. During peak summer and on special celebrations like Holi, he also sells other drinks like Rose milk, green tea, etc…

Along with the drinks, he also runs a side business selling Mohit special herbal shampoos, and hair oils aimed to cure all kinds of hair issues. They are all sold with a guarantee of money back if the customer is not satisfied within four months of use.

Final Words

The term “Anmol” in Hindi means Priceless and these Lassi’s Mr. Dinesh is selling is just that – priceless! The perfect solution to the never summer of Chennai, the cold Kesar lassi and its rich thirst-quenching creaminess is a must-try if you are ever in Chennai.

More than the drink itself, its Mr. Dinesh peppy attitude is what that really makes the Anmol Lassi experience so special. In his unique Punjabi-influenced Tamil, he interacts, jokes, and entertains the customers, ensuring that his customers leave his shop with a lassi-filled tummy and grins on their satisfied faces. There is never a dull moment at his shop.

A 3-decade old fixture in Chennai, Anmol Lassi offers the traditional north Indian Lassi right here in Namma Chennai. And yes, it’s as good as it sounds.

So yeah, do try it out – you are sure to lap it up to the last creamy (dreamy) drop!

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