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Banana Leaf Unlimited – Best Channel For CBE Food Lovers

Hey, want to watch videos of an adorable father & son duo food tripping across Coimbatore? Yes, please – then go & check out the YT channel “Banana Leaf Unlimited.”

Run by Mr. Manoj and his two sons, Banana Leaf unlimited is one of the most popular and fast-growing food reviewing channels in Tamil Nadu – and for good reason! Their videos where Mr. Manoj and his son, Rishi, visit local eateries and taste lip-smacking dishes are not only very informative but also super cute too…

Join us as we go in-depth on everything you need to know about Banana Leaf Unlimited, including the brains behind it, their income, channel stats, and more…

Banana Leaf Unlimited – Quick Glance

banana leaf unlimited logo

1.Channel NameBanana Leaf Unlimited
2.Type Food/Lifestyle Vlogger
3.OwnerMr. Manoj Kumar
4.Started year2019
5.PlaceCoimbatore TamilNadu
6.Videos Uploaded473
8.Subscribers count247k
9.Total Views46,817,840
10.Income1 Lakh INR ( Approximately)
11.Upload Frequency2 Videos/Week

Banana Leaf Unlimited – A Brief Overview

banana leaf unlimited overview

Started in January 2019, the Banana Leaf Unlimited YouTube channel is the brainchild of Mr. Manoj Kumar – a two-decade Medical transcriptionist turned food reviewer. Along with his son, he documents trying out some crazy tasty foods from the annals of Coimbatore and Tirupur and puts it on his channel for the whole world to see.

And guess what? People are loving it! Within two years and 473 videos, their YouTube family is now 247k subscribers strong, translating to over 46,817,840 views.

Every week, he publishes around two videos, all centered around tasty food and local eateries on his channel.  His very detailed food reviews, coupled with his calm yet energetic presentation makes his videos a must-watch.

Channel Owner

banana leaf unlimited channel owner

The channel is owned and run by Mr. Manoj Kumar. While he and his younger son Rishi handle the presentation, his elder son Rohan takes care of all the camera work and editing.


Almost all the videos you’ll find on the Banana Leaf Unlimited channel center around restaurants and delicacies found around Coimbatore, Tirupur, and surrounding areas.

They find & decide which shops to visit through references they mainly get from YT comments and Social Media posts

Channel Income

Though the Banana Leaf team hasn’t officially revealed it, we estimate that he earns around  1 lakh a month from YouTube’s ad revenue and sponsorships. Youtube is their main livelihood. Still, in one of his videos, Mr. Manoj says that he tries to reinvest as much income as possible back to the YT channel itself, looking to improve their video quality.

They have also started a sister channel recently named Banana leaf Vlogs, which is aimed at covering the everyday lives of the BLU family members. The channel is at its nascent stage right now

How a Family’s Love for Food Sparked a Cool YT channel

banana leaf unlimited family

In one of his interviews, Mr. Manoj says this about their family; “we are the sort of family who is willing to travel even 300 miles if we can get our hands on some tasty flavors – in fact, we have already done that.”

After working for twenty years in the medical transcription industry, Mr. Manoj Kumar was bored, he realized that he wanted to do something more, that he needed a change of pace. That was when his wife, Mrs. Geetha, gave him an idea. She said “we love food right, and we do travel a lot. Why don’t you record our trips & start a YouTube channel with it.”

Like any good Indian man, Manoj decided to give his wife’s idea a try. At the time, he didn’t know how life-changing this idea was gonna be.

Banana leaf Unlimited – The Channel is Born

He shot his first video – a pseudo-Vlog – with the help of his elder son Rohan (who is now the main editor at BLU) at Kovai Vizha – a local food festival that was held at Coimbatore.   It didn’t exactly do well, but instead of stopping, the team started doing more videos.

kulanthai kadai biryani

Eventually, the team hit upon their first viral hit – a video titled “Kulanthai Kadai Mutton Biriyani” which saw him review a popular Biriyani hotel in the city. According to Manoj, this was the video that gave Banana leaf unlimited its “identity” and made him realize that this is what he really wanted to do…

manoj kumar reviewing kulanthai kadai mutton biryani

Fast forward to today, Mr. Manoj & his son Rishi’s food escapades are killing it on YouTube. Almost all videos they are doing are super hits.

What Makes Banana leaf Unlimited Videos So Special?

Without a doubt, one of the major selling points of Banana Leaf unlimited is the father-son collab-anchoring style they rock. It feels very refreshing considering that most food YouTubers tend to take the “solo” route with their reviews.

The lovely banter Mr. Manoj shares with his son Rishi while trying out dishes makes for an interesting watch.

They mostly visit little-known eateries; even super small ones without boards, and introduces their dishes and reviews them. Rural, rustic dishes are their specialty. They also make it a point to mainly cover affordable dishes – nothing too fancy.

If you’re from Coimbatore or Tirupur, BLU is a wonderful place to find new flavors that’ll excite your palate. Both father and son have no qualms digging into their plates while in front of the camera, and (again) it’s fun to watch.

#1 Truly Honest, Reliable Reviews

banana leaf unlimited for honest and reliable reviews

Another thing that makes BLU an excellent watch is the genuine reviews they offer. No exaggeration or other weird antics, they both sample the food and gives their genuine opinions live in a calm, understandable way. Also, Manoj is skilled enough to guess what the ingredients are in a dish just with a single bite (as he has shown in many videos) so you know you can trust his words.

When the team reviews food, they make sure to detail not only the flavors but also the places that made it.  BLU always interviews the cook & features the surroundings to give you a clear picture of what you can expect if you decide to visit that shop yourself.

Banana Leaf unlimited is also covering a lot of street food shops these days, covering the nightlife of Coimbatore in all its glory.

#2 They Go Beyond Just Food

manoj kumar supporting v v masala

During the last year or so, Banana Leaf Unlimited has also started featuring videos covering small-scale industries; mainly makers of Masala powders, rice, fries, etc, giving them well-deserved promotion & encouragement for their good work.

Mr. Manoj also posts about his family’s everyday life via blogs – interesting videos of times like when Roshan got a new bike, their family Diwali celebrations,  etc…

Banana Leaf Unlimited – Milestones and Biggest Hits

Compared to many others, the Banana Leaf unlimited channel has had a faster growth rate in terms of subscriber counts. Thanks to the awesome quality of their contents, it only took them around two years to reach 190K subscribers (as of April 2021).

Soon enough, they will be hitting the 200K mark. And yes, we are so happy about it.

Highest viewed videos

Almost all of Banana Leaf Unlimited videos tend to perform consistently good. Some, on the other hand, does exceptionally well. Interestingly enough, their most popular video is the one where the BLU team is celebrating the milestone of reaching 150K subscribers. In this video with 1.2 million views, you can find them enjoying their win with fireworks from Krishna Fireworks.

Their second most popular video sees the duo enjoying tasty dishes from the very popular karuppannan hotel in Namakkal. This video has got around half a million views.

Top 6 Reasons to Watch Banana Leaf Unlimited

Sure, these guys are not as, err… extravagant as some of the other food reviewers out there. Still, Banana Leaf unlimited does give us a lot of reasons to binge on their content.

Awesome reasons like;

1 Mild-mannered Presentation

BLU’s food reviews are always clean, crisp, and full of character. Mr. Manoj’s soothing voice and detailed presentation are sure to leave you spellbound. The Kovai dialect is also easy to understand.

2 Favours Hidden Delicacies & Shops

Even for a life-long Coimbatore native, the dishes and eateries BLU often features can new news. Mr. Manoj has a knack for hunting down a variety of flavors and giving it its deserving recognition.

3 Family-Friendly

Literally every food place the team reviews tend to be super family-friendly and can be perfect for a weekend outing.

4 Father & Son Combo

The family spirit in BLU’s videos might be their biggest strength. You can’t help but fall in love with the father/son duo’s antics & reviewing style. Also, the kid’s perspective on the food’s tastiness is sure to appeal to a lot of family viewers.

5 Support a Lot of Small Industries

as stated before, Mr. Manoj has a habit of featuring start-up shops and small home industries a lot in his videos, promoting & encouraging them.

6 Interesting Family Vlogs

BLU often posts Vlogs sharing snippets of their family’s daily life and celebrations. It’s very interesting & charming to watch. The positivity & smiles they share is enough to make the viewer’s day.

Banana Leaf Unlimited – Reviewing food, the family-style!

Different – that’s the perfect term to describe Banana Leaf Unlimited. The family twist they bring to the food reviewing game alone is enough to get us hooked. The awesome dishes they review, well, that’s just icing on the cake.

We do have a suggestion though. Do more videos with Rohan, the elder kid. We know he’s busy with editing and all, but we would love to see him more.

Anyway, we wish all the best for the BLU team – keep up the good work guys

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