12 Best Cooling Foods for Indian Summer – Keep Cool Like MSD

Even with the monsoon season around, the sweltering Indian summer heatwave is just refusing to settle down.

And along with it, cases of dehydration, over-sweating, tiredness, and even fatal heat strokes are fast rising. To survive this season’s sun attack, it’s super important that you ensure that you are keeping cool and hydrated all day long. While plain old water can help with your thirst, what about the nutrients that you have lost? Well, we got just the right thing!

Along with resting, put these 12 best cooling foods for indian summer revealed below in your diet to soothe the body from the inside, reduce the internal temperature, and kick out the toxins;

Best Cooling Foods for Indian Summer to Beat the Heat

While you can always binge on an ice-cold beer, a Pepsi, or some frozen desserts to keep the temps down, they aren’t exactly the healthiest things around.

Instead, check these 12 awesome healthy cooling snacks, drinks, and foods out;

1) Cucumber

There is a reason why they say “cool as a Cucumber.” Snacking on slices of these crunchy green veggies not only helps cures your thirst (with its immense water content) but also helps keep the hunger pangs away. You can snack them with your favorite dip or juice them to perfection with some ginger and lemon – there is no wrong way to enjoy them.

Cucumber has a lot of antioxidants, which will help with weight loss. It also has Vitamin A and C, folic acid, and fiber. You can include Cucumber in salads or Raita and consume them that way too.

2) Watermelons

The ultimate summer food, watermelon consists of 95% of water. Hence, it’s an amazing thirst eliminator and can also help you lose weight. These are nutrient-packed with Vitamin B, Potassium, Magnesium, and fiber.

Having watermelon slices is better than juicing them as you get it filling richness and fiber content as-is & not just as water.

Rounded watermelons generally tend to be watery and bland whereas oval or long-shaped watermelons have that signature sweet/grainy taste. You can find them selling in almost every street come summer season – every single street!

3) Citrus fruits

Lemon, Orange, Pineapple, Musk Melon – all the citrus varieties are as tasty and awesome as they are for quenching your thirst. Adding juices of them to water, especially lemon, can encourage you to drink more H2O, which is always a good thing in this scorching season. You can also use citrus concentrates to add flavor to other dishes while in the kitchen.

Juice them or eat them sliced, they are rich in Vitamin c, which helps to cleanse toxins from the body and calm the nerves. Pineapple is also an exclusive home to Bromelain, an enzyme known to reduce body inflammation in the body

4) Yoghurt

Without a doubt, Yoghurt is a phenomenal coolant to your body. You can drink them as is or consume them with your food. Notably, curd/yogurt rice tops the list here. Or, you can enjoy it sweet by turning the yogurt into buttermilk. Add some sugar & pepper to a glass of yogurt and you have made “Lassi” the traditional south Indian summer drink.

Yogurt is known to kick start your digestion, especially when blended with ginger, pepper, and green chilies. Yogurt also tastes phenomenal with seasonal fruits and can be made into delicious smoothies.

5) Coconut water

Nature’s own energy drink, Coconut water, and its refreshing sweet taste is the perfect way to kick out heat from your body. The water contains essential minerals like potassium, calcium, and vitamin A, which along with Electrolytes helps instantly rejuvenate your cells and fill you with energy. On a hot day, it’s the perfect thirst quencher – one that’s super affordable.

Coconut water makes for an excellent workout drink. The antioxidants help expel toxins from your body while anti-inflammatory properties help relieve muscle soreness and keep your skin young and glowing.

6) Iced green tea

We Indians love our chai. However, having this hot, diary drink in the heat of summer isn’t really a great idea as (A) it only adds to your body heat, and (B) it can lead to stomach issues. Thankfully, green tea can be a wonderful alternative to meet your summer thirst needs. You can also add a bit of lemon to your green tea to make it more appetizing.

Green tea is a wonderful source of anti-oxidants that helps refresh your nerves and removes toxins from your cells. It simply carries no caffeine so there is no addictiveness here either. Drop s few ice cubes and mint leaves for extra taste. It’s so worth it!

7) Falooda

Sometimes, you might crave something sweet and cool to beat the heat. In that case, Falooda is the perfect way to go. First introduced by Mughals and then Indianized, the use of iced rosewater ensures that the drink is flavorful and cooling properties. The use of basil seed further helps to reduce your body temperature and add nutrients to the cells.

Some also feature nuts and fruits, which offer that nice bite and some healthy fats and vitamins to your thirsty tummy. The extra calories offer instant energy boosts whenever you want.

8) Mint

Though not meant to be eaten as is, you can add mint to a variety of foods and drinks to make them more refreshing this ultra-hot season. From cool chutneys to as a fresh ingredient for your smoothies and drinks, Mint wears a lot of hats and is also exceptionally healthy. It’s a strong source of Vitamin A, Iron, Manganese, fiber, and folate.

Mint can work as a garnish for your veggie dishes. It has that signature fresh smell that can add another layer to your dish’s tastiness. If you feel sick, crush some mint and breaths in the smell. It should help alleviate nausea and bring calmness to your nerves.

9) Leafy green salads

Since time immemorial, green salads have been heralded as the perfect summer snack. Spinach, lettuce, amaranth, kale, and Chinese cabbage salads make for a crunchy and cool snack that also offers excellent nutritional value, namely calcium and Vitamins A and B. Just chop these leafy veggies into a pot, add some pepper and salt, some olive oil and enjoy.

You can also binge on mints by using them in your smoothies, drinks, or as a side dish for your meaty meals. In any case, Mint is an excellent (and tasty) way to get the heat out of your body ASAP.

10) Fish

Chicken and red meat are best avoided in summer as they can highly increase your body temperature and keep it dangerously elevated. Instead, opt for lean proteins like Fish and tofu (for vegetarians). Prepared right, Fish meat is light on cholesterol and the fibers are easier to digest. Fish is also light on your tummy and so, it won’t make you feel lethargic either.

Freshwater fishes are best recommended as their low sodium qualities don’t promote thirstiness or high blood pressure. If you do go for curries, make sure to cut down on spice as well.

11) Ice popsicles

While store-bought ice cream and its fatty creaminess are best avoided in summer, the common fruity icicles are not. Made with plain water and fresh fruit juice, these icy homemade snacks make for a healthier way to beat the heat during summers. The use of fresh juice means that you get the fruit nutrients as is, which is always awesome.

Alternatively, you can also freeze milk with some flavoring or with some smashed nuts and dry fruits for crunchy/chewiness. Since it doesn’t contain much sugar, you can also enjoy it without any fear of gaining weight.

12) Berry snacks

Munching on all sorts of berries, be it strawberry, blackberry, cranberry, or raspberry, is well known to have a cooling a satiating effect on your body. You can eat them as is, or blitz and add them to your drinks and salads. Either way, they make for an excellent source of antioxidants and vitamins that will help with your heart healthy and keep you looking young.

The Natural sweetness makes them a wonderful guilt-free alternative for sugary candies. You can also juice them & add them to your iced drinks for that sharp “citrusy” flavor.

Final Words

Well, these are pretty much it! By indulging in these 12 cooling foods, you can easily protect your body from the scorching heat and also satisfy your tummy at the same time!

Keeping in mind that just like how there are foods that will help keep you cool, there are also foods that can raise your body’s temperature. So, to avoid putting your health in jeopardy, stay away from “hot” foods like all fatty recipes, soybean, red meat, salty snacks, highly spicy dishes, fried fast food items, chicken, extra sweet dishes, etc…

In the meantime, drink plenty of water, avoid going out in the sun. The monsoon season is just around the corner. Try and brave the heat till then.

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