Top 10 “Must Eat” Street Food in Chandigarh

What is Chandigarh known for if not for its beauty, huge bungalows, fancy cars, friendly people? Let me tell you. 

The city is best known for its brilliant treats. Chandigarh is a place where people from all over the country drive to have a wonderful time, exploring its street delicacies. 

Street food in Chandigarh is as colorful and delightful as the people over there. It wouldn’t take you more than a second to realize that Chandigarh provides you with the best street food in India.

Chandigarh is the city of foodies, and people there indulge in a wide variety of good food. 

The street-side stalls in Chandigarh incorporate both Punjabi and Haryanvi cuisine, which makes its street food incredibly flavorful and diverse. 

Top 10 Street Food in Chandigarh

Here is the list of Top 10 street food in Chandigarh to help you choose the top and the most famous ones among multiple offerings of the city. 

1. Chole-Bhature

Chole-Bhature is one of the delicious and fulfilling meals which is immensely enjoyed by the vast northern population, including Chandigarh. 

The dish comprises the richness of thick spicy gravy made up of chickpeas, Chole. The gravy is paired with soft and fluffy Bhatura, made up of white flour and then deep-fried. 

A Bhatura can be served plain or with a filling of paneer or potato, depending upon your preferences. The dish is served with onion salad, green chutney, and pickle on the side. 

This lip-smacking dish goes well with a glass of Lassi. Chole Bhature is a must-have dish while here.

Origin: This tasty dish was originated in North India in Delhi in the 1940s

Best Time to Eat: At Breakfast or Lunch

Price Range: Rs.80-120 approx. (per plate)

Where You Can Get It:   

Sodhi’s Zaika (Sector 19-C)

Nukkar Dhaba (Zirakpur)

2. Amritsari Kulcha

Amritsari Kulcha is an eternal North Indian dish. It is prepared with refined flour. 

There are varieties of Amritsari Kulcha served in Chandigarh such as paneer Kulcha, creamy cheese Kulcha, potato Kulcha, onion Kulcha, etc. 

Each one of them is equally flavorful and finger-licking. Amritsari Kulcha is somewhat similar to naan in texture. 

The Kulcha is baked on a clay tandoor and served with a dollop of ghee or butter on it, a hot and spicy bowl of chole or other curries, sweet and tangy chutneys, and lime pickle on the side. 

The dish is one of the best street foods which you commonly find on the roadside stalls of Chandigarh.

Origin: The regular Kulcha originated long back in Mughal Era, whereas this variation of Kulcha originated in Amritsar, Punjab.

Best Time to Eat: At Lunch

Price Range: Rs.80-100 approx. (per plate)

Where You Can Get It:  

 Kulcha Hub (Sector 9)

 Bansal Amritsari Kulcha (Panchkula)

3. Rajma Chawal

Rajma Chawal is one of the popular dishes, loved by people of all age groups. 

Rajma is essentially red kidney beans that are first soaked in water and then cooked in thick gravy consisting of diced onion and tomatoes and a sheer array of spices. 

Rajma is served with steamed or jeera rice. It is the most nourishing and satisfying dish. Rajma Chawal is always in high demand among the street food fans of Chandigarh. I

It is pretty healthy and a wholesome meal on its own. 

This tasty dish fills your tummy at a reasonable price range. You can never say no to this authentic and delightful dish. The streets of Chandigarh served the best tasting Rajma Chawal.

Origin: The dish originated in the Indian Subcontinent.

Best Time to Eat: At lunch or Dinner

Price Range: Rs.70-90 approx. (per plate)

Where You Can Get It:   

Bholey Di Hatti (Sector 44)

 Pal Dhaba (Sector 28-D)

4. Chicken Tikka

Chicken Tikka is one of the famous street-side foods in Chandigarh. 

It is made up of broiled chicken pieces that are marinated in curd and in a variety of spices like turmeric, salt, coriander powder, cumin powder, cayenne pepper, chillies, and ginger-garlic paste, which lets chicken pieces absorb all the spices and make it tender and juicy. 

After skewing, the chicken is then grilled on hot charcoal and garnished with lime juice which provides it with a tangy taste. 

The succulent Chicken Tikka is served with multiple chutneys and onion rings on the side. Punjabis’ love for chicken is nicely reflected in the Chicken Tikka pieces offered on the streets of Chandigarh.

Origin: The origin of this starter is not entirely sure, but it is assumed that the dish originated in the Indian region even though it is most popular in the Western world. 

Best Time to Eat: At Evening 

Price Range: Rs.120-150 approx. 

Where You Can Get It:   

Tikka Freaks (Gurudwara Road, Sector 8-B)

Fire N Grill (Sector 10-D)

5. Sarson Da Saag and Makki Di Roti

Sarson Da Saag and Makki Di Roti is the classic traditional dish of Punjab, which is widely enjoyed in Chandigarh as a street delicacy. It is a deliciously fulfilling street food combo. 

Sarso Da saag refers to a well-mashed curry made from mustard greens. The curry is cooked in authentic Indian spices and is eaten with flat cornbread, referred to as Makki Di Roti. 

This mouth-watering combination is served with generous toppings of ghee and butter. 

Sarson Da Saag and Makki Di Roti are commonly enjoyed in winters as it gives warmth and plenty of nourishment. In Chandigarh, you can easily find the dish at famous Dhabas and various other eateries. 

The meal has won the hearts and stomachs of millions across India, so do try it once.

Origin: The dish has its origin in Punjab

Best Time to Eat: At Dinner

Price Range: Rs.80-120 approx. (per plate)

Where You Can Get It:   

Katani Dhaba (Sector 35-D)

 Pal Dhaba (Sector 28-D)

6. Lassi

The Punjabi lassi is best enjoyed chilled in the hot summer weather. It is one of the most preferred beverages by the people of Chandigarh. Lassi is a yogurt-based drink, added with some fruit and spices. 

It is sometimes garnished with flavors and other toppings of dry fruits, fresh cream, etc. The list of the topmost street food is incomplete without the mention of Lassi. 

There are two variants of Lassi, sweet and salty ones. You can consume according to your taste and mood. There are different flavours served on roadside stalls of Chandigarh. 

So do try it when you get tired after exploring the beautiful place, to cool off.

Origin: This beverage originated in Punjab, India. 

Best Time to Drink: Anytime

Price Range: Rs.20-40 approx. (per glass)

Where You Can Get It:

Shiv Sweet and Bhojanalaya (Sector 26, Timber Market)

Daba Dairy (Sector 21-C)

7. Butter Chicken

Butter Chicken is a delicious, flavour-packed, creamy, and decadent dish that is enjoyed by the vast non-vegetarian population of Chandigarh. 

Butter chicken refers to a smooth, buttery, and creamy tomato and onion-based gravy in which chunks of grilled chicken are added along with lots of spices and condiments. 

The curry is garnished with coriander leaves and is ready to eat hot with any tandoori bread of your choice. Nothing can compare the taste and lusciousness of the combination of Butter Chicken and Tandoori Butter Naan. 

The flavoursome taste of this lip-smacking delicacy is worth every calorie you intake. Your journey to Chandigarh is incomplete with it, so do try it. You surely return to have it more and more.

Origin: The dish originated in Delhi, the capital territory of India, in 1950 by Kundal Lal Gujral, who operated the restaurant in the city called Moti Mahal.

Best Time to Eat: At Lunch or Dinner

Price Range: Rs 150-180 approx. 

Where You Can Get It:   

Chopra Chicken (Sector 22-D)

Nawabi Chicken (Sector 22-D)

8. Parathe

Nobody can prepare parathas better than the North Indians. They are quite obsessed with it. In Chandigarh, you get the best Parathas with loads of butter. 

They are made up of wheat flour. Just like Kulchas, Parathas are served in numerous varieties in Chandigarh. 

They are offered multiple types of stuffings: plain, butter, vegetables, cheese, paneer, keema, beef, chicken, etc. Parathas are served hot with curries, pickles, or raitas. 

The steamy parathas are served with your choice of curry on the side. A generous amount of butter is added on the top of the Parathas that melts as you bite into these delectable parathas.

So don’t forget to try the luscious parathas of Chandigarh. 

Origin: Parathe originated in the 16th Century in the Punjab region during Mughal Era, Jahangir’s reign.

Best Time to Eat: At Breakfast

Price Range: Rs.30-60 approx. (per piece)

Where You Can Get It:   

Pahalwan Paratha Point (Sector 22-D)

Gurbax Dhaba (Dakshin Marg)

9. Paneer Tikka

Paneer Tikka is vegetarian street food, which is famous in India, even more in Chandigarh. Paneer cubes are grilled on skewers along with other vegetables like onions, bell peppers, broccoli. 

The Paneer Tikkas are served with a dash of lime juice on it with green mint chutney and a variety of other sauces on the side. The lemon adds a tangy flavour to the tikka, which enhances its taste to a great extent. 

It is a perfect tandoori vegetarian version for all the vegetarians out there in Chandigarh. 

This snack can surely tickle your taste buds and satisfy your evening hunger pangs.

Origin: This starter originated in North India, but the state is not mentioned anywhere.

Best Time to Eat: At Evening

Price Range: Rs.60-80 approx. (per plate)

Where You Can Get It:   

Sindhi Sweets (Sector 17-C)

TikkaFreaks (Gurudwara Road, Sector 8-B)

10. Frankie

Frankie is one of those street foods that are appreciated by everyone in Chandigarh but gained the most popular among the young children and college-going people of the city. 

They can enjoy this quick bite anytime. Essentially Frankie refers to a Kathi roll, filled with an assortment of different vegetarian and non-vegetarian fillings that include paneer, veggies, chicken, tuna fish, etc., along with various spices. 

Both varieties are equally juicy and mouth-wateringly delicious. Frankie is a classic, healthy, and light street food that you’ll find on the streets of Chandigarh mostly during evening hours. 

Origin: Frankie is originated in Mumbai, Maharashtra, by Amarjit Singh.

Best Time to Eat: At Evening

Price Range: Rs40-60 approx.

Where You Can Get It:   

Tibbs Frankie(Madhya Marg Sector 8-B)

Roll Express (Sector 15-C)


If you have a foodie soul and always crave lip-smacking and luscious street food, then Chandigarh should be on the list of the places you are planning to visit. 

You might have to plan a long holiday to taste every delicacy offered by Chandigarh’s streets. This city provides you with a plethora of street food options to explore and satisfy your holiday cravings.

Apart from the highly affordable price range, the scrumptious street food in Chandigarh is famous for its unique flavours and tempting taste. Its street food will surely steal your heart.

So, Hurry up and rush to this beautiful place to enjoy the mind-blowing treats that are mentioned above, which we’ve all come to love! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the FAQs on the Top 10 street food in Chandigarh.

1. What is the specialty of Chandigarh’s street food?

The wide variety of its street offerings is one of the specialties. The city’s both vegetarian and non-vegetarian delicacies provide equally unique and ravishing flavors to all food lovers. 

2. Which is the most famous shop to have Rajma Chawal in Chandigarh?

Burley Di Hattey serves you the best Rajma Chawal in the whole of Chandigarh.

3. Which is the best-known place for street food at night in Chandigarh?

Night Food Street is a joint close to the PGIMER campus, where street food is available throughout the night, like roti and dal, parathas, Frankies, etc.

4. Which is the most fulfilling dish you can have on Chandigarh’s roadside Dhabas and joints?

Sarson da saag and Makki di roti is the most fulfilling dish you can have on the streets of Chandigarh.

5. Which is the most enjoyed beverage of Chandigarh during Summers?

Lassi is one of the most popular and most enjoyed beverages you’ll find in Chandigarh during Summers.

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