10 Best Street Food in Mumbai – A Detailed Foodie’s Guide

What Mumbai is loved for, other than Bollywood? Yes, you’re right, nothing can beat the tough tickling and unique Street food in Mumbai. The culinary diversity can be seen in an incredibly flavorful combination of ingredients in Mumbai’s street food. The city fills the life of everyone with immense delight and joy with its amazing Street Food.

No matter whether you are a middle-class man or an aristocrat, you cannot miss the experience of standing at the roadside stalls in Mumbai which provide you with the phenomenal local food, and eating it while enjoying the beautiful sunset.

If you are a foodie and live in Mumbai then nobody is as lucky as you. Khau Gallis, Girgaum Chowpatty, Mohammad Ali road are the hub of Mumbai street food.

You can enjoy a variety of flavors from spicy to sweet to savory and textures from soft to crispy to creamy in these most famous street food places in Mumbai.

The immense flavors of the food don’t even take a minute to make your mouth watery. Also, you can try every single dish without burdening your pocket.

Top 10 Most Popular Street Food of Mumbai

If you want your taste buds to dance and sing for joy then here is the list for you of the top 10 street food of Mumbai that you should try when in Mumbai without giving it a second thought. These are the best street foods in Mumbai.

1 Vada Pav

Vada Pav is one of the most famous street foods in Mumbai. You cannot even measure the love of Mumbai for Vada Pav. If you are thinking about Mumbai’s street food then Vada Pav would always come first in your mind. It gains popularity all over the world but Mumbai offers you the best Vada Pav.

This delicious snack is made up of bun bread which is stuffed with fried and mashed potato fritters with a touch of various Indian spices in it.

Also, It is the cheapest street food in Mumbai. Vada Pav, Mumbai’s street food is the Indian version of a burger served with sweet, spicy, and garlic powder chutney and also with fried chilies on the side, to add spicy flavor to it.


Vada Pav is originated in Maharashtra in the year 1966 by Ashok Vaidya

Best Time to Eat

In the evening

Price Range

Rs.10-20 approx.

Where You Can Get It

  • Anand Vada Pav Stall (Dadar)
  • Gajanan Vada Pav (Thane)

2 Bhelpuri

Street food in Mumbai is famous for its flavors and Bhel puri is a full-fledged package of varieties of flavors. It is a tasty and Chatpata light Maratha snack made up with puffed rice to which many chopped veggies like tomato, green chili, onion, and boils potatoes are added in it

It is mixed with varieties of chutneys that are sweet, chili, and tamarind which provides it which a good balance of sweet, spicy, and tangy flavors, masalas like garam masala, chaat masala are also sprinkled onto it which gives it a spicy touch and at last it is garnished with some coriander leaves and it is all ready to serve.

It is one of those street foods that once you start eating, you cannot stop yourself for more. Two of the best places to eat this street food in Mumbai are mentioned below where you can enjoy the best of all Bhel Puri.


It is likely to be originated by the migrant workers of Uttar Pradesh, living in Mumbai.

Best Time to Eat

At Tea-time

Price Range

Rs.50-80 (per plate)

Where You Can Get It

  • Sharmajee’s (Girgaon Chaupati Beach)
  • V Gupta Chaat Centre (Matunga)

3 Pav Bhaji

Pav Bhaji is a dish full of mouth-watering flavors. It is one of the best veg street foods in Mumbai. Pav Bhaji is the most favorable street food item in this whole Mumbai street food list.

Pav refers to a bun that is toasted in butter on the hot Tawa which is paired with Bhaji, the mash gravy of multiple vegetables with the Tadka of spices.

This lip-smacking and delicious combination of Pav and Bhaji offers you the perfect blend of spices and vegetables with a bread bun which is super amazing.

Pav Bhaji is served with the cube of butter melting over hot and spicy Bhaji and is also garnished with some coriander leaves upon it.

The butter over bhaji puts five stars on this dish. It is quite a fulfilling dish. Pav Bhaji is the best street food you find in Mumbai at night.


This Dish originated in Mumbai, Maharashtra itself.

Best Time to Eat

At Lunch or Dinner

Price Range

Rs.80-150 approx. (per plate)

Where You Can Get It

  • Cannon Pav Bhaji (Dadabhai Naoroji Road)
  • Shri Krishna Fast Food (Juhu Beach)

4 Ragda Pattice

It is one of the popular street foods in Mumbai. You can have it as a quick bite. It is a light snack that can easily calm down your evening craving.

A crushed aloo patty which is deep-fried in the oil is served with the hot and spicy white peas gravy which is said to be as Ragda, chili and tamarind Chutneys are added on to the gravy, which provides it with spicy and little tangy taste, and at last, it is garnished with some diced tomato, onions and with some sev on the top of it and it is all ready to enjoy.

Usually, the Ragda, which means the soft and spicy white peas gravy, is served with kulcha bread but in Mumbai, it is served in Mumbai’s unique style, as it is served with hot and crispy potato patties.

A Ragda Pattice with Masala tea is one of the best combinations, which you can enjoy best in the Mumbai monsoons.


It originated in Maharashtra only.

Best Time to Eat

At Tea-time

Price Range

Rs.40-80 approx.

Where You Can Get It

  • Kailash Parbat (Colaba)
  • Various stalls across the city

5 Bombay Sandwich

If you crave Mumbai’s veg street food, then Bombay Sandwich is perfect to satisfy all your veggie cravings.

It is an extremely popular street-style Bombay Sandwich. In this sandwich, there are multiple layers of bread, mint sauce evenly spread on it, and is filled with thinly sliced tomato, onion, beetroot, or with many other vegetables as per your choice and a slice of paneer between it.

It is a unique sandwich masala spice mix, which kicks in, the various flavors in your mouth and at last are toasted from both sides and it is enjoyed without this step as well.

It’s just that toasting makes its sides crispier which adds to its taste.

This Sandwich is the combination of the most unlikely ingredients, nothing is fixed in this recipe, it is made according to your taste. It is the most liked snack among youngsters.


The sandwich originated in England in 1762 by John Montagu whereas the particularly Bombay Sandwich originated in Mumbai, they made it in their style.

Best Time to Eat

In Breakfast or evening

Price Range

Rs.40-80 approx.

Where You Can Get It

  • Sandwich Wallah (Xavier’s College, VT)
  • Sandwich stall (Mithibai College)

6 Bombay Duck Fry

Although the name of the dish signifies the fried duck, it is nothing like that as this dish doesn’t contain any actual duck in it.

Hence, it is made up of small strips of fish that have either been served deep-fried or been cooked in red hot gravy.

This street food will surely blow your mind. It is incredibly tasty street seafood that you can enjoy at the roadside stalls of Mumbai near the beach. It is served with chutney on the sides.

Every bite of this duck fry is creamy from the inside and it can wholly satisfy your hunger.

It is one of the must-try street foods in Mumbai that you cannot afford to miss out on if you are a fish lover. Madh Island is the best place for this street food in Mumbai.


It originated in Mumbai itself as the Bombay duck is a fish native to waters in and around Mumbai.

Best Time to Eat

In Lunch

Price Range

Rs 120-200 approx.

Where You Can Get It

  • Mata Pita Da Dhaba (Madh Island)

7 Pani Puri

Pani Puri is the most loved Street food in Mumbai as it is loved by every single person here. From children to adults, everyone has a different craze for Panipuri.

Not a single person in this world can reject Pani puri bites. Some like Meethi Pani puri while some fall for tangy and spicy ones but everyone loves it. I can use the word, eternally here, to signify the eternal love of people for pani puri.

It is a small round puri that is stuffed with boiled potatoes and chickpeas, and with the chutney of your choice and is served with the tangy water filled in it.

This snack you can find anywhere on the streets of Mumbai. Even though you are not hungry, you still crave this delicious Pani puri when you see the roadside Pani Puri stall.

Juhu Beach and Girgaum Chowpatty are the two of the top street food places for Pani Puri and these places consist of various stalls of the best street food to eat in Mumbai.


It originated in Uttar Pradesh, more than a hundred years ago.

Best Time to Eat

Can be enjoyed anytime

Price Range

Rs. 20-40 approx. (per plate)

Where You Can Get It

  • Chaat counters (Juhu Beach)
  • Badshah Pani Puri (Girgaum Chowpatty)

8 Dosa

Dosa is not just famous and popular amongst South Indians, it is enjoyed by Mumbaikars as well. Mumbai streets have so many stalls offering south-Indian food to the people.

It is the most healthy street food in Mumbai. Dosa is a crispy flattened thin pancake filled with different stuffings like usual aloo masala stuffing, or onion masala stuffing, or cheese stuffing, and many others.

It can be enjoyed without any stuffing as well and is then ready to serve with hot and spicy sambar and coconut chutney on the side.

Mumbai streets also offer dosa with cheesy touch in it, which together goes so well and is enjoyed by the people to a large extent.


Dosa originated in South India and it was enjoyed in the 1st century in the ancient Tamil Country as well.

Best Time to Eat

At breakfast or lunch

Price Range

Rs100-150 approx.

Where You Can Get It

  • Mysore Masala Dosa stall (Sophia College)
  • Anna Dosa (Bandra)

9 Batata Vada

It is the popular potato snack offered by the streets of Mumbai. Batata Vada is referred to as potato fried dumplings. It is popularly addressed as Aloo Bonda.

The people of Mumbai have a good bond with this street food. It consists of a patty that is made up of mashed potatoes and deep-fried after coating it up in the chickpeas flour.

This snack is seasoned with various spices and is served with tangy and chili chutney with fried green chilies on the sides. This spicy treat is enjoyed a lot by the people of Mumbai regularly. Dadar Market consists of the best places to have this street food in Mumbai.


It originated in Maharashtra only but has gained popularity in the rest of India as well.

Best Time to Eat

At breakfast or evening

Price Range

Rs.30-50 approx.

Where You Can Get It

  • Shrikrishna (Dadar Market)

10 Keema Pav

It is one of Mumbai’s special street foods. This dish consists of Mumbai’s favorite buttered Pav and the mouth-watering and delicious mince keema.

It is the best non-veg street food in Mumbai. The mince keema is cooked with tomatoes, ginger, chilies, onion, and many other veggies with aromatic spices added to it.

Egg mixed into the cooked Keema before serving enhances its taste to a great extent.

It is then stuffed in the pav and is ready to eat hot. It is one of the most notable roadside nourishment in Mumbai.

Keema Pao is a delightful blend of carbs and protein which goes hand in hand with hot masala chai.

If you are a fan of spicy food then keema pav can satisfy your inner spicy foodie.


This mouth-watering dish originated in Irani Cafes, Mumbai, Maharashtra.

Best Time to Eat

At breakfast or evening

Price Range

Rs.50-120 approx.

Where You Can Get It

  • Good Luck (Bandra)
  • Cafe Irani Chaii (Mahim)


If you want to feel the aroma and the flavor of the phenomenal and marvelous street food of Mumbai, do come and enjoy the richness of these top 10 street foods in Mumbai. The true experience of Mumbai is in its street food only.

This whole place can be felt through its streets. The best of Mumbai street food names with the best street food places in Mumbai where you can get that food is right there in front of your eyes.

The open-handed streets of Mumbai are waiting for you to pay a visit and experience the dynamism of the street food of Mumbai.

The city, Mumbai provides so much to eat that you’ll never be hungry while walking on the streets of this place, trust me.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some FAQs on the top 10 street foods of Mumbai

1. What is the most popular street food in Mumbai?

Vada Pav is the most popular street food among Mumbaikars.

2. Are roadside stalls offering food to people, late at night or not?

Yes, you can have pani puri, bhelpuri, pav bhaji, and many other street food items till late at night.

3. Do street stalls provide non-vegetarian street food as well?

Yes, street foods like kebabs, duck fry, Rolls, etc. are popular street food among non-vegetarians in Mumbai.

4. Is it difficult to find South Indian street food Vendors in Mumbai?

No, not at all, after every second street you can find a South Indian Food Stall as the people of Mumbai have so much love for Dosas, idli, and vadas.

5. Does Mumbai have more street food items other than the list given above?

Yes, Mumbai has a long list of street food items, just the most famous ones are mentioned above and other than the list Chinese Bhel, Sev Puri, Momos, Kebabs, Kema Pav and many others as well are famous street foods of Mumbai, which are delicious in their way.

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