Top 10 “Must Eat” Street Food in Patna

Do you know what this capital city of Bihar, Patna is famous for? 

One of the oldest living cities across the globe, Patna, apart from many beautiful architectural landmarks, museums, and some well-known universities, is equally famous for its plethora of scrumptious and exotic street foods delicacies. 

The reach of its street food is extensive and is well-recognized in every nook and corner of the nation. 

Patna’s street food scene is a sight to behold. The street food stalls are everywhere around the city, and the mouth-watering aroma of the fresh, flavorsome food offered by these roadside stalls fills your nostrils whenever you walk on the streets of this city. 

Street food vendors in Bihar churn out some delicious street food options that you can explore without burdening your pocket. The food culture in Patna is a big treat for every food lover visiting this place. 

Top 10 Street Food in Patna

Here is the list of highly delicious and authentic top 10 street food in Patna that you cannot afford to miss while exploring this beautiful and pleasing city Patna.

1. Litti Chokha

Litti Chokha is considered to be a national dish of Bihar. It is a healthy dish that includes no frying. This dish is commonly available at every second roadside stall in Patna. 

It started as a meal for the poor, but through time rich people started enjoying it as well. Little is a wheat ball made up of whole wheat flour stuffed with roasted chickpeas meal and a sheer variety of herbs and spices. 

Little is served with Chokha, which is made up of boiled vegetables, onion, and spices. Together, they build a flavor everyone adores.

Origin: This dish originated in the Indian state of Bihar.

Best Time to Eat: At Lunch or Dinner

Price Range: Rs.50-80 approx. 

Where You Can Get It: 

D K Litti Chokha (Fraser Road)

Bhojpur Litti Chokha (Bankman Litti Chokha)

2. Batata Puri

Patna’s food culture is showcased through varieties of street food, and one of the most popular amongst them is Batata Puri. Puris refers to small round crunchy balls made up of semolina (suji). 

They are stuffed with spiced mashed potatoes, curd and are topped with varieties of Chutneys, diced onion, and Sev. The dish at the end is garnished with pomegranate seeds. Choosing chutney entirely depends upon your taste buds. 

This dish, which is made up of such basic ingredients, can blow your mind and make you crazy to eat this street food of Patna again and again.

Origin: It originated in the Maharashtrian region.

Best Time to Eat: At Evening

Price Range: Rs.30-60 approx. (per plate)

Where You Can Get It: Patna Batata Puri (Kankarbagh), Lovely Chat Corner (Ranjendranagar)

3. Chicken Korma

Chicken Korma is one of the most cherished cuisines on the streets of Patna. 

This dish is loved by almost every non-vegetarian in Patna. Along with chicken braised in yogurt and cream, various ingredients that include vegetables and spices are used in the preparations of the dish, which makes it more irresistible and aromatic. 

This creamy, spicy, and flavorsome Mughlai delight goes well with fresh tandoori naan. Chicken Korma is one of the most enjoyed non-veg dishes by the people of Patna. 

So, do not forget to give this lip-smacking dish a try.

Origin: This Mughalai dish was originated in the Indian subcontinent in the 16th Century

Best Time to Eat: At Lunch or Dinner

Price Range: Rs.120-160 approx.

Where You Can Get It: The Garden Treat (Kadamkuan), Biryani Mahal (Indrapuri)

4. Chana Ghugni

Chana Ghugni is one of the most fulfilling food options you’ll find on the streets of Patna. 

It is made up of boiled white chickpeas or black chana and is then fried with diced onion, tomatoes, tamarind sauce which provides it with a finger-licking tangy taste, and various condiments. 

The Chana Ghugni is garnished with coriander leaves. This Chana Ghugni Chaat is served hot with dry chapattis, parathas, Kulcha, etc., and can be enjoyed solely. 

This spicy and tangy snack is the perfect answer to your hunger pangs.

Origin: It is not mentioned anywhere, but this street food has its origin in either Uttar Pradesh or Bihar.

Best Time to Eat: At Tea-Time

Price Range: Rs.20-30 approx. (per plate)

Where You Can Get It: Many roadside stalls (Patna Railway station)

5. Malpua

Malpua is amongst the favorite sweets of the people of Patna. Malpua looks similar to a small pancake. The batter of Malpua is made up of flour, milk, mashed bananas, and sugar. 

The sweet is deep-fried in the ghee and dipped in sugar syrup. It is served with mutton curry on the side. 

It tastes best when eaten hot. Malpua, a sweet dish, crispy from the outside while soft from the inside, is cherished by a wide range of people.

I assure you, once you start you cannot stop yourself from having a piece when the sweet aroma of this dish enters your nostrils. It adds on a few calories, but the risk is worth taking in front of its flavor.

Origin: This dessert originated around 8000 years back in the Indian Subcontinent.  

Best Time to Eat: After Dinner

Price Range: Rs.50-60 approx. (per piece)

Where You Can Get It: Kanha Sweets (Kankarbagh), Raj Sweets (Bankipur)

6. Kulcha Burger

Burgers are famous worldwide; street food vendors in Bihar decided to create a burger with their concept. 

Hence the result provides us with a unique variation that is Kulcha Burger. They made burgers using none other than Kulcha, a bread made up from maida. 

A slice of meat or a vegetable patty is placed between two baked Kulchas along with chutneys and condiments. The softness of Kulcha provides it with a similar texture to a regular burger. 

This Patna’s version of a burger makes the snack a lot tastier than the usual one. Kulcha Burger is among the favorite snacks of both adults and children in Patna. It is a must-try snack option.

Origin: This street snack originated in the state of Bihar.

Best Time to Eat: At Evening

Price Range: Rs.20-30 approx.

Where You Can Get It: Kulcha Junction (Kankarbagh)

7. Mutton Kebabs

Mutton Kebabs is one of the renowned street foods in Patna. This finger-licking serve of Patna is made up of the joints of meat, marinated with a sheer variety of spices, and then skewered. 

The meat skewers are cooked on a grill which adds to its delicious taste. The tender and moist pieces of mutton are served with multiple fried veggies that are too cooked on a grill. 

The aroma of flavorsome and mouth-watering Mutton Kebabs fills the air in the streets of Patna and attracts you like a magnet towards it to try the lip-smacking Kebabs. 

Mutton Kebabs are a delightful miracle to your taste buds. Do not miss to give this Mughlai delicacy a try.

Origin: Mutton Kebabs originated in Turkey. This main course has gained popularity globally.

Best Time to Eat: At Lunch

Price Range: Rs.60-100 (approx.)

Where You Can Get It: Kebab Mahal (Kankarbagh), Sabir Chicken and Mutton Shop (Vikash Nagar), Mahgu’s Mutton Kebabs (Kadankaun)

8. Laung-Latika

Laung-Latika is one of Patna’s most well-known and liked sweet bites that you’ll find on its street-side stalls. 

Lang refers to a clove placed in the middle of the sweet crispy patty that makes it look super tasty and provides it with an aromatic scent of cloves. 

It is a light snack with sweet stuffing and then coated in a sugar syrup which gives it a soft texture that melts in your mouth. This quick bite paired well with a cup of tea which is mainly enjoyed in the winters. 

Laung Latika is one of many dishes that Patna is known for, so do try this if you are a sweet food lover.

Origin: This dessert item has its origin in Bengal. It is a traditional sweet dish of Bengal.

Best Time to Eat: Tea-Time

Price Range: Rs.15-20 approx. (per piece)

Where You Can Get It: Harilal Sweets (Sri Krishna Puri), Stalls (Near Patna Museum)

9. Dal Peetha

Dal Peetha is a Bihari form of momos or dumplings. Patna’s Dal-Peetha is prepared using rice flour and many spices. 

It is filled with boiled, fried lentils, smashed fried potatoes, or flax seeds. The dumplings are then steamed or fried as per your preference and mood. 

The dish is enjoyed with pickles and multiple types of chutneys, such as Hari Dhaniya ki Chutney, Tomato Chutney, and Mint Chutney on the side. 

Dal Peetha is one of the healthiest breakfasts you’ll find on the streets of Patna. Dal Peeth is mainly enjoyed as a starter. This spicy treat can satisfy your taste buds within seconds.


Origin: It originated in Bihar.

Best Time to Eat: At Breakfast

Price Range: Rs.30-60 approx. (per plate)

Where You Can Get It: Many Stalls (Near Patna Museum)

10. Lababdar Roll

Lababdar Roll is famous in multiple regions of India, including Patna. You can commonly find various roadside stalls and food joints serving you soft and silky lababdar rolls. 

The mixture of spicy tomato sauce and a blend of spices is roasted in cream, which provides the stuffing with a smooth and creamy texture. This mixture is stuffed in the round Indian whole wheat or Maida flatbread, Roti, and then rolled. 

Paneer is one of the best-known variations of the rolls which is offered to you by the streets of Patna with a perfect blend of flavors in it. So do give it a try, you’re surely going to fall in love with it.

Origin: It originated in the Indian subcontinent. 

Best Time to Eat: At Evening

Price Range: Rs.30-50 approx. 

Where You Can Get It: Mahi Fast Food (Mithapur), Roll Mafia (Sri Krishna Puri)


Until now, you can surely have an idea that Patna provides you with an extensive range of culinary delicacies on its streets itself, which showcases the city’s rich food culture. 

While some of the items originated in Patna, others made their way to the place and gained popularity. 

Each dish you’ll find on its streets promises so many flavors. Whether you are a sweet or savory food lover, Patna’s street food never disappoints you and makes you come back for more and more. 

So don’t ever think of skipping the street food exploration from your trip to Patna, as it would surely make your journey ten times more joyous and memorable. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some FAQs on the top 10 street food in Patna.

1. What is the specialty of Litti Chokha?

Little Chokha is among the most famous street dishes in Patna and across the whole state of Bihar as well. This street food has gained recognition globally. It is quite a fulfilling dish that can keep you full throughout the day.

2. Which is the most famous non-veg street food in Patna?

Mutton Kebab is the most famous street food in Patna and is enjoyed by the vast non-vegetarian population there.

3. What makes Patna’s street food popular?

The street of every place is undoubtedly counted amongst the country’s best cuisines, and so does Patna’s street food. The finger-licking tasting delicious taste in an inexpensive range makes the street food of Patna so popular.

4. Which is the most favorable sweet dish you’ll get on the streets of Patna?

Malpua is the most favorable sweet dish you’ll find on Patna street.

5. Which street food has gained the most popularity among the young population of Patna?

Kulcha Burger has gained the most popularity among the youngsters of Patna.

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