Top 10 “Must Eat” Street Food in Pune

Do you have any idea what makes Pune’s street foods so special? Come on, you don’t have to think that much. 

The small eateries that got established long back and have evolved and gained fame over the years, transforming from food carts to little shops are the only one that adds on the extreme deliciousness to its street food and makes it so special.

Pune has been a major educational and cultural center. It is referred to as Oxford and Cambridge of India by the former prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru. 

Apart from this fact, Pune is no less than any city in terms of providing luscious street food items. 

Pune has a mixed street food culture as you can find everything from traditional Maharashtrian to Gujarati and even North Karnataka cuisine on its streets. 

I don’t know if you are a food lover or not, but I can undoubtedly assure you that Pune’s street food can win your heart straight away with its comfort food, fresh ingredients, and authentic flavors. 

Top 10 Street Food in Pune

Here is an ultimate street food guide of Pune in front of you consisting of the Top 10 street food that you should try while in this city. 

These are some of the most delectable street food items that you’ll commonly see on the streets of Pune.

1. Sabudana Vada

Sabudana Vada is one of the best-known desi treats, served to you on the streets of Pune. It is also known as Sabu Vada. Sabudana Vada is a hand-patted and deep-fried snack. 

It refers to a crunchy fritter made up of Sabudana, which has a pearl-like texture, potato, peanuts, and various herbs. It is then deep-fried in the oil till light brown. 

You can enjoy this Sabudana Vada with tomato, date, or mint chutney. It is a savory and mildly sweet snack. This lip-smacking snack tastes super amazing with a cup of steaming hot chai. 

This crispy and delicious snack can make your evening hundred folds amazing and tasteful.

Origin: Sabudana Vada originated in Maharashtra, India, in the 19th century and gained popularity in many different Southeast Asian countries.

Best Time to Eat: Tea-Time 

Price Range: Rs 30-50 approx. (2 pieces)

Where you can get it: Shrinathji Sabudana Vada (Rameshwar Chouk), Wadeshwar FC (FC Road)

2. Pav Bhaji

Pav Bhaji is quite fulfilling street food. A plate of spicy hot Pav Bhaji can make your day super amazing. 

Bhaji refers to a thick curry made up of various types of vegetables such as potato, tomato, onion, peas, and many more with a tadka of multiple spices that provide a soul to this yummy street food. 

The Bhaji is paired with a bun which is toasted in butter. This dish is served hot to you with onion rings on the side of the plate. 

I assure you that after seeing a bowl of bhaji with lemon squeezed on it, and butter melting over Pav, you cannot deny having a bite of this tasty dish that you get on Pune’s streets. 

Pav Bhaji is a must-try street food of Pune.

Origin: The dish Pav Bhaji has its origin in Mumbai, Maharashtra.  

Best Time to Eat: At lunch or Dinner

Price Range: Rs.80-150 approx. (per plate)

Where you can get it: Siddharth Pav Bhaji (Ambedkar Road), Rajendra Pav Bhaji (Rasta Pet), Supreme Corner (Jangali Maharaj Rd)

3. Mutton/Chicken Samosa

Every non-vegetarian soul in Pune is absolutely in love with these quick little bites. 

You can find this relishing street food snack on the streets of Pune very easily and also in a super affordable price range. 

Mutton/chicken samosa is a delicious blend of minced chicken or keema that is seasoned with a wide array of spices and chaat masala, which adds on an additional point to its mouth-watering taste. 

This mixture is stuffed in the thin cone of white flour dough. It is then deep-fried in oil until it becomes crispy and is served hot on a paper plate with spicy garlic mint chutney on the side. 

The sales of these chicken/mutton samosas doubles during the monsoons. A pair of Mutton/Chicken samosa with the usual boring tea is enough to make your evening delightful.


Origin: It originated during the 10th century in the Middle East region.

Best Time to eat: Tea-Time

Price Range: Rs.20-30 approx.

Where you can get it: Akhtar’s Samosa (Camp), Cafe Samosa Corner (Kausar Bagh)

4. Poha

Poha is one of the lightest and healthiest street snacks. It is made up of soaked flattened rice, diced vegetables that include tomato, onion, capsicum, carrot, etc., with some herbs and spices mixed in the dish. 

It is garnished with some coriander leaves and peanuts and is then ready to eat. Poha is neither too spicy nor too bland. 

It is identified by different names, such as Chidwa, Pauwa, Chira, etc., in different parts of the country. 

There are two variations of Poha that are offered to you on the streets of Pune that are Kanda Poha, which is Poha with Onion, and Kanda Batata Poha that is Poha with Potato and onion. 

You can choose and enjoy your favorite type as per your taste buds.

Origin: It is not clearly stated, but Poha originated in either Maharashtra or Madhya Pradesh. 

Best Time to Eat: At Breakfast

Price Range: Rs.30-60 approx. (per plate)

Where you can get it: Amruteshwar Bhuwan (Erandwane), Poha Shop (Gokhalenagar)

5. Dabeli

Dabeli is one of the Gujarati delicacies that the Punekars love so much. It is altogether a snack full of flavors, textures, and tastes. 

Dabeli is one of the most sold street foods as it gets sold out within minutes at the food stalls around Pune.

It is a sweet snack that is made up of a mix of mashed boiled potatoes with special Dabeli Masala. The mixture is then stuffed in a burger bun and is at the end garnished with pomegranate and roasted peanuts.

Dabeli is served with tamarind chutney which enhances its flavour to a great extent. One Dabeli is enough to satisfy your hunger pangs. You can afford to miss this street snack while in Pune.

Origin: Dabeli originated in the Mandvi, Kutch, or Kachchh region of Gujrat in the year around the 1960s.

Best Time to Eat: At Breakfast and Evening

Price Range: Rs.20-40

Where you can get it: Yashwant Dabeli (Pulachi Wadi), Jai Jalaram Kacchi Dabeli (Rasta Peth).

6. Meat Kebabs

Meat Kebabs is one of the most popular non-vegetarian street food items that is enjoyed by a wide population of meat lovers in Pune. 

Meat Kebabs are prepared with chunks of meat marinated in a batter of soy sauce, garlic, ginger, onion, and a sheer variety of herbs and Condiments. 

The meat chunks are then grilled with slices of onion, mushrooms, and bell pepper and ready to serve hot with various chutneys on the side. 

If you are in a mood to get into some meaty delights, meat kebabs would always stand first. 

There are so many hawk carts, food stalls, and street shops on the streets of Pune where you can have the mouth-melting Meat Kebabs, which you can enjoy with a chilled beer or any other beverage of your choice.

Origin: This dish is considered to have originated in Turkey around the end of the 14th century.

Best Time to Eat: At Lunch or Beer

Price Range: Rs.50-80 approx. (per piece)

Where you can get it: Garden Seekh Kebab (Camp), Al Hifazat Kababs and Caterers (Shastrinagar)

7. Momos

Momos are one of the famous and regular go-to snacks for the youngsters of Pune. Momos are soft dough balls that are filled with varieties of juicy vegetarian and non-vegetarian fillings. 

Momos are served with spicy chilli dip. There are so many varieties of momos such as paneer momos, chicken momos, veg momos, etc., offered by a large number of roadside stalls in Pune. 

They are also known as Dim Sum. You can either opt to eat steamed momos or fried ones as well. Both of them have their scrumptious taste. 

Momos taste best when eaten hot and fresh, straight away from the steamer or a fryer on your plate.

Origin: It originated in Tibet in the middle of the 18th century. This snack has gained huge popularity across the whole world in very little time. 

Best Time to Eat: At the Evening

Price Range: Rs.50-60 approx. (per plate)

Where you can get it: Momo’s Corner (Koregaon Park), Peter Momos Centre (Bavdhan)

8. Egg Rolls

Egg rolls are one of the most loved street foods in Pune among everyone. It is made up of delicious flatbread, covered with egg on one side and then stuffed with a simple salad of onion and cucumber. 

A pinch of chaat masala that is sprinkled over it makes the Egg roll finger-licking tasty. 

Multiple types of sauces that include normal ketchup, tandoori sauce, and mayo give the roll a tasteful touch of flavours, and after rolling it gently, the egg roll is ready to serve in front of you. 

The aroma of this luscious snack draws hundreds of hungry customers towards the stalls serving Egg rolls in Pune regularly.

Origin: Egg Roll originated in the United States in the 1930s.

Best Time to Eat: At Breakfast and Lunch

Price Range: Rs.30-60 approx.

Where you can get it: Flavors of Bengal (Wanowrie), Kolkata Rolls (Kharadi)

9. Vada Pav

Vada pav is a famous snack of choice for the people of Pune, Maharashtra, because of the contrast of taste and textures you get on one plate, along with its amazing price. 

It is a popular vegetarian street food amongst the Punekars. 

The crispy potato patty lifted sizzling hot from the massive iron pan and transferred to the soft cloud of pav with tangy-sweet, green, and garlic chutney, and spicy chillies are enough to make you crave for more. 

Vada pav’s beauty lies in the fact that it can be savoured at any time of the day. Partner it with kadak-chai for the best experience.

Origin- The dish originally came from Mumbai, Maharashtra, in 1966.

Best time to eat- Any time of the day

Price range- Rs. 15-20

Where you can get it-  JJ Garden Vada Pav Camp (Bootee Street), Joshi Wadewale (Congress House Road)

10. Parathas

Parathas are one of the most known Punjabi delicacies around the country, and so as in Pune. 

Everyone from children to adults should always have to start their day with a nice, healthy, and fulfilling breakfast, and Parathas are an appropriate option for it. 

The roadside corners, food joints, and stalls on the streets of Pune serve you with multiple types of parathas with varieties of stuffings in them that can blow your mind. 

The parathas are served hot with a scoop of desi ghee, melting over it and tangy pickle on the side. The presentation of it is enough to make you fall in love with it.

Origin: It originated in Punjab in the 16th century during Mughal rule. 

Best Time to eat: At Breakfast and Lunch

Price Range: Rs. 30-50 approx. (per paratha)

Where you can get it: Chaitanya Paranthas (Multiple locations), Nandus Parathas (Baner), House of Parathas (Shivajinagar)


These are some of the street food items you should surely look out for on your trip to Pune. This list of Top 10 Street Food in Pune that is right in front are some of the best of the bests street food you’ll find in Pune. You don’t need to rush to some big restaurants and cafes to taste the authenticity of the Pune’ food, the streets of Pune have enough of it for you. 

You don’t need to hide, I know that this list of the best street food in Pune has made your mouth watery, and there is no fun in just reading about it until you give it a try. So leave your bed for a day, go out and explore the luscious and relishing taste that is provided by the streets of Pune. 

Frequently Asked Question

Here are some FAQs on the top 10 street food in Pune.

1. Which is the most famous place in Pune, where you can enjoy the best non-veg street food?

Pune Camp is one of those places where you can enjoy the best non-veg street food.

2. Which is the most popular food to try when in Pune?

Sabudana Vada is the most unique and most popular dish that you’ll find on the streets of Pune. You should try this when here.

3. Which is the best shop to have Pav Bhaji in Pune?

Siddharth Pav Bhaji at Ambedkar Road in Pune serves the best and flavorful Pav Bhaji in Pune.

4. Which street food of Pune has gained the most popularity among youths?

Momos is most loved by the city’s youngsters and is a very much popular street snack among them.

5. Which is the most prominent breakfast you’ll find on the streets of Pune?

Poha is one of the most prominent breakfasts that you can find on many roadside stalls in Pune

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