Favourite Food Items of “The Big Bang Theory” Characters

“The Big Bang Theory” is an American television sitcom created by Chuck Lorre and Bill Pardy. Along with Steven Molaro, both of them are also the executive producers of this comedy series. 

The entire show revolves around the lives of the four socially awkward friends named Leonard, Sheldon, Howard, and Raj, but it takes a wild turn when they meet Penny, a beautiful and free-spirited lady who moves in next door. 

The “Big Bang Theory” is an unforgettable ongoing story that features many relatable characters and consists of endless memorable and hilarious moments. 

In total, “The Big Band Theory” is a long-running comedy series that consists of 12 seasons in total. This show has been released in many languages such as English, Russian, Hindi, Italian, Mandarin, etc. 

Every character in this series is an extreme food lover. Trust me, the character’s love for food around all the seasons and episodes of this show is incomparable. 

Every episode in this show mentions food because if food is not there, the particular episode seems to be somewhat incomplete.

Most Loved Food Items of TBBT Characters

Here is the list of the most favorite food items of “The Big Bang Theory” characters, right in front of you. 

If you are a TBBT fan, then you should have a look at this list. 

1. Sheldon’s love for Plain Oats is extreme!

In “The Big Bang Theory,” there is a strict food schedule that Sheldon follows, and that routine is incomplete without his favorite plain Oatmeal. 

Wherever he eats his favorite Oatmeal, the phrase “Mmm, tasteless” instantly comes out of his mouth. No matter what food item you put in front of Sheldon, nothing can replace his love for plain oatmeal. 

It can make him happy anytime and every time in the show. There are various instances in the episodes where we can see Sheldon’s love for Oatmeal, as in Episode 3 of Season 3, Penny made a beautiful display of french toasts for breakfast. 

Still, instead of having it, Sheldon smells it and says, “It does smell wonderful, but it’s the oatmeal day,” and throws the whole plate of it in the trash-can, which shows that nothing can come between him and his favorite plain Oatmeal.

Also, in Episode 23 of Season 10, there is a scene where Amy butters Sheldon by preparing nothing but a breakfast of bland Oatmeal, which again signifies that anybody can melt Sheldon with plain Oatmeal.

2. Raj cannot live without Beef and Lobster!

Raj is a Hindu Boy who hates India because he is not allowed to eat non-veg there, and he cannot imagine his life without his all-time favorite food item that includes Beef and lobster. 

Rajesh eats non-veg and believes that some of the Hindu codes of Manu are crazy. There are some of the scenes that showed Raj’s love for Beef as well as lobster. 

As in Episode 4 of Season 3, there is a scene where the conversation about Raj going back to India is going on, and Raj anxiously says, “Oh Beef! I am going to miss you so much.” 

This phrase itself signifies his excessive love towards Beef and that all he is going to miss after going back is Beef and nothing else. 

Also, in Episode 17 of Season 6, there is a scene where he is portrayed as very upset because of a girl and decided to be a monk and leave all the worldly pleasures except eating lobster and garlic butter. 

This scene portrays that he can give up on anything but not on his favorite food items. 

3. Penny’s day is incomplete without Wine!

Wine holds an exceptional corner in Penny’s heart. You cannot even imagine a day without Wine in Penny’s life. Wine is a regular go-to drink of Penny. 

If you have ever watched an episode of this particular show, “The Big Bang Theory,” then you probably picked up on the fact that Penny, leaving everything, loves to drink, especially Wine. 

Many scenes are there in this show that show the extraordinary love of Penny towards Wine. As in Episode 10 of Season 5, Penny seems to be spending an evening with the girls, Amy and Bernadette. 

In this scene, Penny points out that they have finished the entire bottle of Wine while Amy says that she has consumed only half a glass of it and Bernadette has consumed none, which means that Penny is the only one who has finished the whole bottle of Wine. 

Also, in Episode 16 of Season 8, when Sheldon asks a question to Penny, that “if she could wake up tomorrow after acquiring a quality or ability, what would it be?” Penny’s reply to this question is that “It would be great if she could be able to turn water into wine.” 

This answer of Penny portrays her sweet gesture towards Wine that nobody can disagree with. 

These scenes show that the bond between Penny and Wine is unbreakable and stays with her throughout the series of 12 seasons.

4. Mom’s briskets can make Howard’s day!

Howard’s Jewish mother is a phenomenal cook. Briskets made by her and the love of Howards towards them are mentioned frequently in many scenes of the show “The Big Bang Theory.” 

As in Episode 18 of Season 8, Howard’s mother died. Howards did not want the last batch of food made by his mother to get spoiled in the refrigerator because of an electricity cut-off. 

So out of love for the briskets made by his mother, he calls the whole group of friends for dinner at his mother’s place so that he and everyone else can enjoy the few last plates of briskets. 

A Brisket made by his mother is one of those dishes that Howards appreciated throughout the entire series. 

His love for those Briskets and his mother is unimaginable and endless.


There are lots and lots of food items mentioned in this whole mind-boggling long-running series, “The Big Bang Theory.” 

Some of the most noted food items that are exclusively liked by the central characters of the show, which you’ll see in some of the super-amazing episodes, are mentioned above. 

If you love food like Sheldon, Penny, Raj, Howard, and Leonard and haven’t seen this show yet, then, in that case, I hope that this list of Favorite food items of “The Big Bang Theory” characters encourages you to give this comedy series a watch. 

And if you are already a fan of it, tell us your favorite food item from this particular show in the comment section below.

Happy Reading!!

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