Fuljar Soda: India’s New Thrilling Summer Drink That Spills

After its long reign as Kerala’s favorite summer drink, the “Kuluki sarbath” has a new opponent this time around – and an explosive one at that! With social media feeds teeming with posts showing youngsters gulping down its frothy goodness, the full jar (fuljar?) Soda is the new talk of the town as the new king of summer drinks ruling India’s streets.

With the Ramzan season here and the summer heat peaking, Fuljar soda and its cold, tangy goodness coupled with its volcano-like overflowing serving have put it on the radar of every street food enthusiast in the country.

And guess what? Here’s your chance to know everything about this fizzy “Mallu” drink before running off to the nearest cool bar to try it for yourself;

Fuljar Soda – Cousin of Famous Kulukki Sarbath

Think of a non-alcoholic jager bomb that fizzes and overflows as you try to drink it – that’s pretty much what full jar soda is. Believed to have been originated in the northern Malabar region of Kerala, this unique drink is served in two glasses, a large tumbler featuring carbonated soda mixed with lemon and sugar syrup and a smaller shot glass with a green mocktail of neem, ginger, mint leaves, chili, cuscus, etc…

As you can see, this wide variety of ingredients, paraphernalia, and the unique serving style (we’ll talk more about this in a minute) is what gives this off-shoot of kuluki sarbath its widely appreciated flavor and its exclusive drinking experience. Now that the summer is at its peak once again, you can find people waiting in serpentine ques for hours for a taste of this refreshing drink.

Most of them are also posting videos & pictures of themselves enjoying this drink’s trendy goodness – open up insta reels and YouTube and see for yourself!

Ingredients of Fuljar Soda

Despite the way they are served, both kuluki sarbath and fuljar soda are a whole lot similar when it comes to the ingredients that make them attractive to the palate.

The standard fuljar soda drink mixes

  • Mint Leaves
  • Ginger
  • Lemon
  • Poppy Seeds
  • Cuscus
  • A Pinch of Salt
  • Basil Seed
  • Wholesome Addition of Sugar Syrup

Thanks to these green ingredients, the drink is very refreshing & can be cooling to the body. It’s the perfect thirst quencher on a peak summer day.

Fuljar Soda Varieties

Due to its popularity, you can also find many regional variations like

  • orange
  • grape
  • strawberry
  • watermelon
  • pineapple

Above Variations add unique flavor and color to this fantastically cool and trendy summer drink.

You can also get this drink in spicy and tangy flavors if you wish. This hotter drink concoction will have liberal use of blended kandhari Mulaku (birds eye chili), mint, ginger, and also a bit of cinnamon and honey to balance out the flavors.

What Makes The Keralites Go GaGa Over This Chilly Summer Drink?

Fully ostentatious from the cup to the top, the method of having the drink is the real highlight that has caught more attention than the drink itself.

As the small shot glass with its green flavoring concoction is dropped into the large jar of sweetened carbonated soda, the whole thing fizzes, froths, and erupts like a volcano in hand, spilling the soda mix everywhere.

The real fun here is that you are required to drink the fuljar soda before the spilling and frothing settles in the jar. Yup, this means that your mouth (and possibly your shirt too if not careful) will be bombarded with a tasty, cold mixture of sweet or tangy bubbly drink- and yes, the experience is as enjoyable as it sounds.

Although it might be difficult to do, to get the authentic fuljar soda experience, the drink should be gulped in one go and not sipped,” Mr. Arun, a cool bar owner from Thalasseri tells us as he hands off jar after jar to awaiting thirsty customers who are looking to beat the heat.

From TikTok to YouTube and now Reels, the drink and its theatrical drinking experience has caught the fancy of many, especially with the youngsters – and deservedly so.

Recent Controversies

In recent times, this tangy/sweet beverage was under the scrutiny of the food safety department after several complaints were raised questioning the quality of the drink. It was also the time when various pictures and videos showing the unhygienic making of fuljar soda in several shops in & around Kozhikode popped up on social media, prompting several raids and arrests.

Thankfully, these issues have all been sorted out pretty much these days, and the demand for this trendy beverage has also returned splendidly this summer. So yeah, though it may have started out as a fad, the fuljar soda drink seems like it’s here to stay.

Final Words

Without a doubt, the best part about fuljar soda is that it provides instant relief from the scorching sun without burning a hole in your wallet. The streets in Kerala are lined with sellers selling this refreshing drink for just Rs 30 – 40 per glass.

Of course, the drink might’ve gotten its first fair share of the spotlight thanks to its dramatic serving style. However, over time, Fuljar soda has found its own unique place in Kerala’s ever-expanding summer drink aisle, right between the evergreen lemon water and kuluki sarbath. The use of green ingredients means that it’s super healthy too.

Granted, this is not a drink for all. It’s messy & can be challenging for first-timers to master. Still, we recommend that you give it a try. Why? Because fuljar soda is more than just a means to quench your thirst this hot season.

 It’s a whole summer of fun all mixed in the glass itself! Do try it out.

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