Katrathu Kaialavu – Visual Treat for Village Cuisine Lovers

This Tamil YouTube channel’s name comes from the age-old popular Tamil proverb “Katrathu kai man alavu, Kallalathu ulagalavu” which means, “what you know is akin to only a handful of dirt, what you don’t know amounts to the world”.

Well, the Katrathu Kaialavu channel is on a mission to teach you more about that “unknown” world – And now with mouth-watering twists.
Today, we will take a good look at the Katrathu Kaialavu YT channel, the team behind it, and their daily video escapades in detail. Let’s start:

Katrathu Kaialavu YT Channel – Quick Glance

1.Channel NameKatrathu Kaialavu
2.TypeTraditional Village Cooking
4.Started year2017
5.PlaceKaraikudi, Tamilnadu
7.Subscribers count703K
8.Total Views109,784,125 views

9.Average Daily Views57.6 K
10.No of Videos Uploaded161
11.Income50K -1 Lakh INR(Approximately)
12.Upload Frequency5 Videos/Week

Katrathu Kaialavu Channel – A Brief Overview

The channel began its journey on November 19, 2017, and was started by Mr. Krishnan. Nowadays though, the channel is mainly managed by Mr. Pandi, his brother-in-law & the main cameraman of the KK family. At the moment, the “Katrathu Kaialavu” team consists of around 4 members (we’ll talk more about them in a minute).

The channel’s main draw is the unique cooking videos they feature where they explore traditional Tamil cuisines and culinary life. Growing steadily over the years, they now have over 690K subscribers to their name and boasts over 104, 270, 841 views.


The katrathu kaialavu team is from Karaikudi, Tamilnadu and almost all of their videos are shot around there as well. The place is rich with lush green fields, rice paddies, rivers, and lots of small streams, which the team regularly uses as their video backdrops.

They mostly use ingredients that are sourced locally from farmers, or hunted/collected by the KK members themselves. So yeah, their dishes are 100% fresh, literally!

Explore The World Of Traditional Tamil Cooking, KK Style!

A quick glance at their cooking video playlist is enough to tell you how err… different they are at what they do. The team favors rustic ingredients more & embraces traditional “Gramam” (Village) cooking styles & techniques to their fullest. And oh, they present everything in fluid “Pakka” Tamil, which further adds to their charm and likability.

Some of their top hits include “River snail hunting and cooking, Tin Nattukozi (village chicken) grill”, and “Goat spleen roast” to name a few. Everything is prepared by hand & is 100% organic (the team is very strict about it). The dishes they prepare are also highly affordable and can be made quite easily at home by us. This is one of the hallmarks perks of this channel.

New & Exciting Flavours

The KK team is known for being adventurous with their dishes as well. Take their “Munthiri Palam” (Cashew mango) milkshake for example. We have never seen or tasted anything like it before (and mind you – we have explored a lot of cuisines here at Foodzodiac!).

Notably, the KK team loves crab, especially Mr. Sekar who loves it so much, he is now known as “Nandu Sekar” among the viewers. They have around 25+ videos on these critters alone where they are curried, fried, roasted, and even get baked to perfection.

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The Brains Behind The “Katrathu Kaialavu” Mayhem

More than their content, the Team, and their kick-ass presentations are the real highlight of the channel. As we said earlier, there are 4 members in the KK team. And they are;

1) Mr.Krishnan

The original founder of the channel, it’s been a while since Mr. Krishnan appeared on the channel. We do not know the reason though.

2) Mr. Sekar

Also known as “Nandu Sekar”, this guy is the heart of the channel. His excellent humor sense & witty quips liven up every video and his crab-hunting abilities are legendary. He also loves to sing cool folk songs while they cook.

3) Mr. Pandi

Often called fondly as “Pandi Anna”, he handles the camera but seldom appears before it. Still, like Sekar, he too is witty with his words & is a master narrator. His comments are what that drives the conversation in this channel.

4) Mr. Sendrayan

Nicknamed after the popular Tamil film comedian, this guy often serves as the butt of many KK family jokes. They love to tease him & he is quite quick-witted too. The Sekar/Sendrayan comedy combo is truly a treat to watch.

5) Master Chang

This dude doesn’t speak that often. But when he does speak, he offers a ton of great cooking tips, instructions, and entertaining comments. The way he calls Pandi “anna” in his signature accent has a separate fan base altogether.

Together, these guys make every video a fun-filled one; there is never a dull moment. Even if you are not that into food, their awesome banter alone gives more than enough reason to make you binge-watch all of their content – it is that good!

Top 5 Reasons to Subscribe Katrathu Kaialavu Channel

If you are a fan of rural Tamil Nadu cuisine, the Katrathu Kaialavu YT channel should definitely be on your radar – still, tats just not the only reason to subscribe;

Here are some more

  • Fun, unscripted content that truly entertains
  • Get introduced to unique dishes that you‘d never find anywhere else
  • Learn unique cooking tips and tricks that can
  • Explore the scenic beauty of Tamil Nadu in all its glory
  • It’s FREE y’all

Cooking With a Purpose – The KK Charity Efforts

Beyond the ones listed above, there’s one more reasons to watch their videos. And its a really special one.

You see, the KK team often does special videos where you and I can sponsor and donate the food the KK family cooks in their videos to orphanages, old age homes, struggling families, etc… They also donates a share of their profits to social causes so just by watching their videos, we can also do our part to help the needy.

After every video, you can find a montage where they are giving out the food to the needy and see their happy reactions. It’s very heart-warming and fulfilling to see.

Katrathu Kaialavu – The Learning Never Stops…

There are many YouTube cooking channels out there. But NONE is like Katrathu Kaialavu. From their versatile cooking efforts to friendly, comedic presentation and social responsibility, this channel offers an entertainment blend that you simply can’t refuse.
Their videos are very addictive. The energy is infectious and we love the adventure & versatility of their dishes (snail biriyani, really?) is on a whole other level.

Yeah, subscribe to Katrathu Kaialavu today – your heart & tummy will surely thank you for it.

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