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10 Best YouTube Food Vloggers in TamilNadu & Their Earnings

A quick food tour through Tamilnadu is akin to taking your palate to a carnival. From lip-smacking street foods to classy continental cuisines, every TN region has its own taste-bud tickling menu that’s waiting to be explored.

Through the digital realm, many food vloggers are sharing their food voyages, coupling them with a punch of creativity, and oodles of authenticity.

Thanks to them, we too now can explore TN’s many flavors from home – even if only by eyes…

But hey, who are the best Tamil food vloggers to follow? Find out below;

Top 10 YouTube Food Vloggers in TamilNadu

In no particular order, here are the top 10 food vloggers of Tamilnadu;

1 Irfan’s View

irfan view

Without a doubt, irfan’s view is the best Tamil Food vlogger, period. A former IT employee, Mr. Irfan, through his eponymous channel, not only covers Tamil cuisines but international ones too, namely from Thailand and Malaysia.

He is not afraid to try new things. He has eaten and reviewed everything from snakes, crocodiles, and frogs, and more…

Irfan’s View At A Glance

  • Founder/Owner: Mr. Muhammad Irfan
  • Started in: 2009
  • Topics covered: street foods, vlogs, lifestyle, international cuisines, etc…
  • Income: $76.6K to $1.2m/yearly
  • Subscriber count: 1.72 million subscribers
  • Views: 354,174,311

Reasons to Follow Irfan’s View

  • Irfan’s food vlogs are very content-centric with high-quality making
  • Introduces many new & exotic flavors
  • Also covers travelogues, lifestyle products, tech, etc…

2 Dan Jr Vlogs

dan j r

An IT professional by day & food vlogger by night, Daniel Jain Raj aka “Dan Jr” is one of the best if not the best Tamil food vlogger out there, period. Aside from covering a lot of local street food, he also introduces some international ones, namely from Dubai and Sri Lanka.

He treats his subscribers like family and gives his honest thoughts on every dish he tries. He covers mostly affordable dishes, with a focus on non-veg ones.

Dan Jr Vlogs At A Glance

  • Founder/Owner: Mr. Daniel Jain Raj
  • Started in: 2016
  • Topics covered: international street foods, lifestyle, travelogues, etc…
  • Income: $5K to $86K/yearly
  • Subscriber count: 1.16 million subscribers
  • Views: 260,210,788

Reasons to Follow Dan Jr Vlogs

  • Beyond flavors, he also goes in-depth about the dining experience
  • Covers some international cuisines too
  • Aside from food, he also covers a lot of lifestyle products

3 Mr. Ooru porukki (MOP)

mr ooru porukki

Run by Mr. Vedha (MOP), the Mr ooru porukki YT channel is all about exploring a variety of food that otherwise would’ve remained hidden.

He goes from town to town, focusing on little-known eateries and introduces their best dishes to the world.

He is from Coimbatore and covers a lot of foods native to that place in his reviews.

Nowadays, he is more focused on doing more vlogs than food reviews.

Mr. Ooru porukki At A Glance

  • Founder/Owner: Mr. Vedha
  • Started in: 2019
  • Topics covered: street foods, destination reviews, vlogs, etc…
  • Income: $91K to $146.2K/yearly
  • Subscriber count: 596K subscribers
  • Views: 77,492,121

Reasons to Follow Mr. Ooru porukki

  • Focuses on little known eateries and dishes mostly
  • Does travelogues too
  • Gives his honest opinion on whatever dish he is featuring

4 Rolling Sirrr

Rolling Sirrr

Taking a first-person camera approach to food vlogging, “Rolling sirrr” Mr. Balaji goes around the city, visiting popular and hidden food places and reviews them. He does a lot of customer reviews which helps his subscribers get a brutally real opinion on the dishes featured.

His narration style is easy, and clear to follow. His videos are a trendsetter in YouTube, with customers flocking to the featured eateries in droves.

Rolling Sirrr At A Glance

  • Founder/Owner: Mr. Balaji
  • Started in: 2010
  • Topics covered: street foods, destination reviews, vlogs, etc…
  • Income: $10K to $170K/yearly
  • Subscriber count: 201K subscribers
  • Views: 48,449,203

Reasons to Follow Rolling Sirrr

  • Unique first-person filming style makes the viewer feels as they are there with him
  • Explores a lot of hidden city flavors
  • Does a lot of on-site customer reviews, resulting in honest taste takes and opinions

5 Ram Kannan

ram kannan

Mr. Ram Kannan loves biriyani, so much so he is known as “biriyani Kannan.” after covering literally every biriyani place in Chennai, he is now focussing on street food vlogs – and how.

His spunky smiling presentation with detailed taste reviews, especially in his trademark Chennai dialect is sure to leave you impressed.

He is ruthless in his reviews and always gives honest opinions. The camera work also feels quite relatable and his chat/interview sessions are pretty good too.

Ram Kannan At A Glance

  • Founder/Owner: Mr. Ram Kannan
  • Started in: 2011
  • Topics covered: Biriyani, local street foods, etc…
  • Income: $4.3k to $69K/yearly
  • Subscriber count: 301K subscribers
  • Views: 49,659,479

Three Reasons to Follow Ram Kannan

  • The quality and in-depth of his Biriyani reviews are second to none
  • Features new & unknown street food outlets
  • Love his Chennai slang!

6 Tastee


In a field that’s dominated by males, Kiruthiga who runs the tastee YT foods channel is a breath of fresh air.

Armed with a mike, she specializes in covering local eateries and street food, and isn’t afraid to visit those eateries even in odd hours – kudos for that!

Audiences love her for her perky attitude & for her brilliant interactions with the chefs & their customers.

Her Pulianthope biriyani video is definitely a must-watch where she visits and reviews a Biriyani that’s only available 3 in the morning.

Tastee At A Glance

  • Founder/Owner: Ms. Kiruthiga
  • Started in: 2017
  • Topics covered: street foods, destination reviews, cooking, etc…
  • Income: $6K to $99K/yearly
  • Subscriber count: 164K subscribers
  • Views: 17,683,664

Three Reasons to Follow Tastee

  • Her spot interviews with customers and chefs make way for honest opinions
  • Covers a lot of biriyani varieties
  • Her travelogue series is a must-watch if you’re planning trips

7 Foodie Prabu

foodie prabhu

With his infectious smile and his trademark catchphrase “oru periya bite-ah poyidalam”, Mr. Prabu from the foodie prabu channel is a must-follow if you love a variety of flavors & cuisines across TN and breezy travelogues

He goes around cities like Madurai, Tenkasi, Tirunelveli, etc., and introduces us to little-known eateries that serve some killer dishes.

Foodie Prabu At A Glance

  • Founder/Owner: Mr. Prabu
  • Started in: 2019
  • Topics covered: street foods, destination reviews, international flavors, etc…
  • Income: $10K to $160K/yearly
  • Subscriber count: 264K subscribers
  • Views: 40,927,189

Reasons to Follow Foodie Prabu

  • The channel goes in-depth about the dishes it features
  • Top-notch Presentation (it’s funny too)
  • Focuses mainly on affordable food items and eateries

8 Banana Leaf Unlimited

banana leaf unlimited overview

Run by Mr. Manoj and his cute son, the YouTube channel banana leaf unlimited is best described as a “native” food review platform.

From Madurai, Kovai, to Tirupur and Karur, they showcase some really nice local cuisines, especially from rural outlets.

The dishes he highlights are mostly rustic, with a focus on affordability. We love how relatable the duo is and their opinions feel very honest too.

Banana Leaf Unlimited At A Glance

  • Founder/Owner: Mr. Manoj R
  • Started in: 2019
  • Topics covered: food, tour guides, travelogues, etc…
  • Income: $4k to $64K/yearly
  • Subscriber count: 186K subscribers
  • Views: 30,343,930

Reasons to Follow Banana Leaf uUnlimited

  • They uncover a lot of extremely rural and hidden flavors
  • Authentic presentation
  • If not for the food, watch it for funny father/son antics

9 Tamil Foodie

tamil foodie

On his Tamil Foodie channel, Mr. Yassar mostly covers non-veg street foods like Shawarma, BBq’s biriyani’s, etc… The way he narrates the flavors is enough to convince anybody. When he began, he used to do mostly food challenges. Later, he brought that experience to his food reviews, and his personality is also very relatable.

Recently he had done a street food review from Sri Lanka, which really got viral for its various food showcases and the tribal interactions he had done.

Tamil Foodie At A Glance

  • Founder/Owner: Mr. Yassar
  • Started in: 2012
  • Topics covered: street foods, travelogues, food challenges, etc…
  • Income: $2.2K to $34.1K/yearly
  • Subscriber count: 210K subscribers
  • Views: 20,902,283

Reasons to Follow Tamil Foodie

  • His narration style and attitude is very relatable
  • Often does food challenges
  • Mainly targets non-vegetarian dishes

10 Pakoda Boyz

pakoda boyz

Through their channel, these guys focus on highlighting little-known eateries that serve affordable, tasty foods mainly in the north Chennai side. They are notable for their perky taste coverage and the presentation is a lot of fun to watch.

They really go cheap with their meals, so they have a huge fan following from bachelor and hostellers who are on the lookout for delicious dishes in the city.

Pakoda Boyz At A Glance

  • Founder/Owner: Pakoda boyz
  • Started in: 2017
  • Topics covered: street foods, vlogs, lifestyle, etc…
  • Income: $91K to $146.2K/yearly
  • Subscriber count: 113K subscribers
  • Views: 14,786,356

Reasons to Follow Pakoda Boyz

  • They are a must-follow if you love fast food items and live in Chennai or is planning to go there
  • Specializes in featuring budget-friendly dishes
  • Also often features budget lifestyle products in their videos

 Final Words on Food Reviewers in Tamilnadu

Okay then, these guys (and gals) are the top 10 food vloggers you need to follow in Tamilnadu if you are crazy about cuisine, hospitality, and lifestyle.

As you can see, what’s common among these vlogs are that they are all were born out of a passion for food. Without a shred of doubt, the world is a better police now they are in it – and yes, definitely a more delicious one too.

So what do you think? Do you agree with our top 10 food vloggers of Tamilnadu picks? Let us know in the comments below.

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