Coimbatore Food Guide – A Must Follow for Every CBE Foodie

Granted, Coimbatore might not have been as fast as Chennai when it came to opening doors for cuisines that are er… different. But hey; times have changed. Today, the Manchester of south is home to a wide variety of fantastic flavours & exotic cuisines that stretches far beyond the “idli-sambar” and “kongu” stereotypes.

And Coimbatore Food Guide AKA CFG, a popular in-city Foodie Facebook group, is on a mission to let the whole world know about Coimbatore’s Tasty uprising.

In this post, lets shine the spotlight on Coimbatore Food Guide (CFG) and find out who are they, what’s all the buzz is all about, and what this gourmet group is up to these days;

Coimbatore Food Guide – A Little Background

Now super popular among hoteliers and food lovers in the city, the Coimbatore Food Guide began as a novel way to record & share the foodie escapades of two good friends; Guhan swaminathan and Karthikeyan Mohan as they binge their way through Coimbatore’s wonderful collection of eateries and critic them in detail.

The group started way back in 2008 on (when that was still a thing) but switched track to being a Facebook group later on. Since then Community has grown a lot and is now 94k+ strong at the time of this writing. The Group is laser focused on introducing & helping its readers to the best food & dining experiences the city has to offer. They are also doing a ton of other cool stuffs as well (more on this in a minute).

CFG – Come for the Food, Stay For the Love

The nicest thing about Coimbatore Food Guide is the sheer inclusivity and positivity that rains all across the group. It’s a safe space to share ones foodie experiences, be it positive or negative – all without facing any judgment. Everything flies here, from 5-star hotels to small roadside eateries, home cooks, and beyond…

We were happy to note there weren’t many ads or product/business promotions in the group other than a few CFG vetted useful ones. The comments & posts that violate the TOC are removed quite promptly too. Thanks to all these, the group is really fun to scroll through

Jogging on the Racecourse but feeling a little thirsty? Post your query on the group & almost instantly you’ll get the best recommendations to the top juice & coffee places around you – That’s how good the community of CFG is.

Reviews you can trust, always

The reviews you find here about the city’s eateries are as honest as they come. from the moment one enters the hotel, the whole vibe, the serving and dining experience to checkout, the reviews – complete with pictured and videos – are so well detailed the reader can clearly get a picture of what to expect if he or she were to go there.

They mostly cover high-end restaurants & cafes these days (as they are trending high this season). Still, you can also find plenty of coverage on budget recommendations too where you can get yummy delicacies at wallet-friendly prices.

Either way, honesty takes the center stage here and we love CFG for it. The team isn’t afraid to point out the mistakes nor are they willing to water their reviews in any way. You read what they experience – nothing more, nothing less.

CFG Awards

Every year, the group does this little event called CFG awards where the best restaurants and their dishes compete for esteemed titles such as “Best Cake Shop, Best Pizza Place, Best Home Cook“ and “Best Chinese Restaurant” and more. The group members vote for their favorites and the winners are announced on the group itself.

Winning a CFG award is not a small thing and is considered a real honour among the hoteliers in the city. There is some real competition every single year.

We are excited to see who are gonna be the winners this year though.

CFG – More than Just a Food Lovers Group

Join the group and you will find that CFG is not only just a space to track down Coimbatore’s finest “foodgasmic” opportunities but also a group trying to better the city at large.

Even before and especially during these Pandemic times, CFG has undertaken many great initiatives and efforts to help those in need. Some notable ones include organizing food delivery services during the lockdowns, collecting and selling essential ingredients at affordable rates, alerting of exclusive food discounts, and offering valuable information to the public in real time.

They also promote and support a lot of food related small businesses, start-ups, and farmers in Coimbatore and we really appreciate that a lot. According to the founder, there are also plans to setup a weekly space for farmers to sell their goods directly to the public, thus ensuring and promoting affordability and healthiness. We really hope this comes to fruition soon.

Frequently asked questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on CFG group

1) When Coimbatore Food Guide was started?

The Group was founded on 2008 in Orkut by Guhan swaminathan and Karthikeyan Mohan who later made it in to a facebook group where it now has over 89000 members.

2) Besides food and restaurants, what else does CFG cover?

Aside from restaurant reviews, Coimbatore Food Guide readers can also learn about new city delicacies and info on exclusive “sandhai” events, deals, and sales.

With permission, you can also use CFG to market your food related products as well.

3) Does CFG only cover Coimbatore?

Along with Coimbatore, Coimbatore Food guide group covers tasty dishes and great restaurants from Erode and Tirupur ares as well.

4) Do we need to pay to join Coimbatore Food Guide group?

No, the CFG group is absolutely free. If you want to join, send them a join request and answer some food related questions. Once approved, they’ll let you right in.


As you saw, the Coimbatore food guide facebook page has really come a long way since its Orkut days. Now it’s THE PLACE to be for Coimbatore foodies to meet with one another, share info on the tastiest dishes to try, and get the best out of their foodie cravings.

If you live in Coimbatore & is longing to take your palate on a wonderful journey, CFG has everything you need to get started.

Check out the Coimbatore Food guide Facebook group by clicking this link. Believe us; your tummy and heart will surely thank you for it.

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