7 Best Food Streets in Chandigarh With Must-Try Dishes

Explore Haryana, have fun in Punjab, but when it comes to food, you have to be in Chandigarh as its food streets are undoubtedly famous across the country. 

Chandigarh, known for its museums, fine architectural government building, bustling flea markets, and exquisite nightlife, is the most planned city of Chandigarh and has also become quite famous for its food in recent past years. 

The food streets in Chandigarh have no restriction of time. It serves you all day and night according to your preference and moods to satisfy your hunger pangs. 

Being a central spot on the way to various hill station destinations and the most favorite getaway near Delhi, many tourists love to treat their taste buds at some of the food streets in Chandigarh. 

Hence, make sure you relish the traditional and international cuisines offered to you with a creative touch on them during your trip to this beautiful city.

Top 7 Food Streets in Chandigarh

Here is a compiled list of the top 7 food streets in Chandigarh where you can gain the best food experience of your life. 

Your trip to Chandigarh is incomplete without visiting these super-amazing food streets.

1. Sector 22, Food Street

Sector 22, other than the electronic market, is a hub of lip-smacking street food options. 

This food street provides you with a variety of good treats during the day as well as at night times in Chandigarh. No sophisticated cutlery is served, but the food you get here is simply amazing. 

This food street attracts many college buds who have less in the wallet and are always high on hunger. The pleasant street food in Sector 22 is their shrine till midnight. 

The place is a bit crowded on the weekends, but it is worth your time. 

I assure you that you will not be able to stop yourself from visiting the food street, again and again, to taste the sumptuous food offerings here. 

It is undoubtedly amongst the best places to eat in Chandigarh.

Must-try Dishes: The aroma of cutting chai served with a fluffy omelet is the heart of the place. Nothing fancy, but the basic stuffed paratha with dal, pickle or curd, bread pakoras, bread omelet, and soups are something here to die for.

How to Reach Here: The most convenient way to get to this food market is by Bus. The nearest bus stand, i.e., Sector 17, is located opposite this food street. 

Market Timings: 10:30 AM-9 PM

2. Sector 8, Inner Market Food Street

Sector 8, Inner Market, is one of the best places to relish the fantastic street food in this beautiful city with various innovations of their own that are a yummy treat to your taste buds. 

This Food Street has something for everyone. The delicacies served here are pretty pricey, but that is nothing in front of the mind-boggling taste and the quality food offered to you. 

Restaurants, bars, cafes, discos, and especially the street food in Sector 8, Chandigarh, have become highly popular among the youngsters. 

To all the foodies out there, the delicacies served by Sector 8 food market are surely worth exploring.

Must-try Dishes: There are plenty of street stalls, small joints, and eateries that will provide you with lots of finger-licking food options that include delicious Rolls, Pasta, Burgers, Pizza, and Chicken varieties. 

Apart from this, Sector 8 also serves you North Indian and Chinese cuisines.

How to Reach Here: Sector 8 Bus stand is the nearest station to this food street. It takes 7 minutes to drive from its Bus Stand to Sector 8, Inner Market.

Market Timings: 9:30 AM-10 PM

3. Sector 14, Night Food Street

Night Food Street is a street-style food court that provides you with mouth-watering food in Sector 14, Chandigarh. Earlier, this night food street was served open in evening hours, till midnight. 

But, as per the literal meaning of night food street, people will now be able to get food 24 hours a day here. This food street has become a major attraction of the people who love late-night outings. 

The best part of this Night Food Street is that you can eat quality food servings in a very affordable price range. 

Night Food Street will not only help people get food at odd hours but will also give you the chance to boost the nightlife in Chandigarh.

Cops will also be there at this night’s food street in Chandigarh to avoid quarrels or other anti-social incidents.

Must-try Dishes: Night food street serves all types of food – North Indian, Continental, South Indian, Chinese, etc.  Frankies, Pasta, tikkas, pakoras, parathas are some of the must-try offerings of this food street. You can opt for veg or even non-veg food. 

How to reach here: The most convenient way to get to this place is by your convenience or cab. The exact location is near gate number 1 of Punjab University on Madhya Marg. 

Market Timings: Open Round-the-Clock

4. Sector 34, Inner Market Food Street 

Sector 34, Food Street in Chandigarh serves you a wide array of snack items. It is a go-to place for street food. There are plenty of old and well-known shops where you can have the best food of your life. 

Sector 34 is surrounded by the most appreciated snack shops in the whole of Chandigarh. From North Indian chaat items to South-Indian delicacies to Chinese dishes, this Sector 34 food street serves you everything you want. 

By the evening, the market gets filled with hundreds of customers. You can enjoy so many street food delicacies here at a very reasonable price. 

If you crave lip-smacking street food, then this place would be the perfect option to satisfy all your cravings. The market is highly recommended to all snack lovers.

Must-try Dishes: This food street serves you rich & mouth-watering snacks such as delicious Dahi Bhalla chaat, chat papri, Chowmein, gol gappas, crispy aloo Tikki, Chole Bhature, and bhelpuri. 

These are some of the snacks you shouldn’t miss at any cost. In summers, you also get Falooda Kulfi which is also a must-try.

How to Reach Here: Sector 34, Gurudwara Bus Stop, is the nearest bus stand to the market. It is about 0.2 km away from the market.

Market timings: 9 AM-11 PM

5. Mohali

Mohali is so much famous for street food in Chandigarh. 3B2, Phase 5, Phase 7, and Phase 10 provide you with some of the best tasting food options. 

From popular brand names such as Barbeque Nation, KFC, Sagar Ratna, Dominos, Pizza Hut, etc., to local brands such as Katani, Hoshiarpurian Di Hatti, Guru Nanak Sweet, Baba Chicken, Sindhi Sweets, etc., Mohali comprises everything. 

Mohali is no less in terms of street food as well. The place consists of many small stalls of Pav Bhaji, Golgappa, Chacha Kulfi, Kulcha walas, etc. 

People from far away visit the place to explore the delicacies served by this place.  

Mohali offers you everything from food to beverages. One single day is not enough to explore the food offerings of this place. You’ll find some of the most delectable street food items of Chandigarh here.

Must-try Dishes: Butter Chicken, Lassi, Chole paired with Saffron Rice, Rolls, Sandwiches are few of the specialities of the place that every visitor should must-try.

How to Reach Here: Chandigarh airport is the nearest, located about 15 km from Mohali. You can hire a taxi, auto-rickshaws, or take a bus to Mohali Market from the airport. The nearest Bus stand to the place is Phase 7. 

Market Timings: 8 AM-11 PM

6. Sector 7, Panchkula

Sector 7, Panchkula, is amongst the well-known and famous street food places in Chandigarh. 

There are numerous famous Dhabas, food joints, and small stalls that, along with the fresh environment, serve super fantastic food items, which you should be going to love. 

Most people opt for fancy restaurants and cafeterias but trust me; it is nothing in front of the flavors and the lusciousness provided by this food street in Sector 7. 

This place offers you a wide variety of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian offerings at pocket-friendly rates. 

The place receives a huge crowd of people during evening hours who gather here to treat themselves. 

The food offered by this place is mouth-wateringly tasty, which makes you forget all your worries and let you enjoy some memorable moments. 

If you are a gastronome, then this is the place to have the best food. 

Must-try Dishes: Delicious momos, mouth-watering cheesy pizza, tangy Gol gappe; spicy vada pav; crispy spring rolls, lip-smacking sandwiches, flavorful chaats, and unique desi Punjabi cuisines are some of the food options you shouldn’t miss while visiting Panchkula food street. 

How to Reach Here: Chandigarh Junction Railway Station and Chandi Mandir Railway Station are the two nearest railway stations to Sector 7, Panchkula. 

If you are a resident of this beautiful city, then you can opt for a taxi or auto to the destination.

Market Timings: 10 AM-11 PM

7. Sector 15, Patel Market

Sector 15, Patel Market, is well known as a Chinese Food Street in Chandigarh. As we all know, Chinese food is loved all over India. 

Whenever people get a chance to hang out with friends or family members, they usually search for a Chinese restaurant, but you do not have to search for it much when in Chandigarh. 

This city comprises a full-fledged food street that can satisfy your food cravings within seconds. 

If you visit Chandigarh and wish to try Chinese food, this food street, which is specifically famous for its Chinese offerings, serves you the authentic taste and Chinese flavor in their dishes that you must have never explored before. 

Must-try Dishes: This little China town in Chandigarh offers various vegetarian and non-vegetarian Chinese food delicacies. Be it Chilly Potato, Manchurian, or Chowmein, everything tastes delicious. Vegetarian and non-vegetarian variations of Momos, Soups, and Thukpa are some of the must-try options here. 

How to Reach Here: Sector 15 Market is the nearest bus stand to the destination. It is about 0.4 km away from the Patel Market. 

Market Timings: 10 AM-10:30 PM, except on the last Monday of the month.


Are you craving flavorful street food already? 

If yes, then head to these food streets in Chandigarh that serve you the most ravishing and authentic street food quickly by adding a few more extra days to your next holiday to this city. 

If you are a travel and food lover, all you have to do is, without any second thought in mind, should plan to visit Chandigarh soon if not for the Rock Garden, Sukhna Lake, or Leisure Valley but definitely for its delicious street food. 

Just walk down the gastronomical streets to make your journey an unforgettable one!

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