Top 10 Must-Try Street Food in Coimbatore with Places

Be it the pleasant “not too hot/cold” climate, low crime rate, nearby hill stations, and more, Coimbatore is blessed in many ways. 

In my opinion, there is also one more great reason to love Coimbatore, and that is the rich street food culture the city has to offer.

Coimbatore is an industrial city. Hence, people from all over India live harmoniously here. 

The pure diversity also reflects in the city’s foodie scene – from north Indian items like Gol Gappa, Bhel Puri, and more to the south’s own Paniyaram, bhajis, and bonds, you can find a flavor to meet anyone’s tastes and preferences here in Coimbatore.

Top 10 street food in Coimbatore you must try

 If you live in Coimbatore or plan to travel there, make sure to immerse yourself in these top 10 street foods you will find there.

1 The Biggest Dosa Menu Ever

the biggest dosa menu ever

Onion dosa, Podi dosa, Tomato dosa, Kaalan dosa, etc… Coimbatore has lots of delicious dosa varieties you can try. You can enjoy it with hot Sambar & Coconut chutney. They are super healthy, and you can taste them piping hot as street shops cook & serve them live before your eyes.


Dosa is believed to have originated from Kerala and is now a beloved common south Indian breakfast item. It’s made from rice batter & is very light & healthy.

Best Time to Eat


Price Range

Rs.40 to 300 approx (depending on the varieties)

Where You Can Try

  • Airtel Dosa Kadai (Lakshmi mills)
  • Annapoorna (RS Puram
  • Arya Bhavan (Gandhipuram)
  • TK street

2 Kaalan (Mushroom Gumbo)

roadside mushroom kalan masala

Made by boiling fried mushroom, onion, and other veggies in a thick masala broth until it reaches a porridge-like consistency, Kaalan has many fans in the city. People crowd around shops that sell them in the evening, engaging in chatter & relishing this Chaat-inspired dish.


No one knows the exact origin of Mushroom Kaalan (might be Northern). Still, this dish is crazy popular here in Coimbatore & is enjoyed fervently by both young & old.

Best Time to Eat

Evening Tea Time

Price Range

Rs 20 to 50 Approx.

Where You Can Try

  • The Kaalan shop near Jack & Jill textile (RS Puram)
  • the VOC park area, RG Street
  • Brookfield’s mall Surroundings, Vadavalli

3 Paniyaram

veg paniyaram

Also called Paddu and Kuzhi Paniyaram, this wonderful street snack is like idli but is made with a rice batter which is garnished with black lentils, sauteed onions, green chilies, and carrot and cooked in a mold to give it its iconic golf-ball like shape. Team it with spicy tomato chutney & or our all-time favorite coconut chutney, and you are sure to enjoy it heartily.


said to be an original Chettinad specialty, this dish can be traced back to Brahmin households both in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka.

Best Time to Eat

Breakfast, evening tea time

Price Range

Rs 25 to 60 per serving

Where You Can Try

  • Namma veedu Paniyaram (selvapuram)
  • Thaai Unavagam (Ganapathipudur)
  • Shree Aanandhas (Lakshmi Mills)

4 The Bhajji

vazhakkai bajji

The favorite tea-time snack for Coimbatore people, Bhajji varieties like Vaazakka (green banana), bhajji, chili Bhajji, Pazha bhajji, bread bhaji are flying off the shelves daily. 

Sliced thinly & dipped in a seasoned maida batter and deep-fried to a golden brown, this snack, when enjoyed with a spicy chilly chutney or ketchup, makes for a fast hunger destroyer and can be consumed while on the move.


Bhajjis are a common staple in traditional Panjabi, Marathi, and Tamil cuisines and have long been served with hot chai or coffee. There is also a rounded version of this dish called Bonda (with aloo masala filling) available in Tamil Nadu & Kerala.

Best Time To Eat


Price Range

Rs 5 to 10 Approx (per piece)

Where You Can Try

You can find it on almost every street corner in Coimbatore.

5 Bhel Puri

bhel puri with green chutney and tamarind chutney

It may be a north Indian Chaat item, but people in Coimbatore love it SO much; You can literally find a Bhelpuri stall on almost every street here. Chaat-inspired & masala heavy, there are onions, Puri’s, Pori (Puffed rice), carrots, Pudina leaves, etc., a curry made from chickpea is then poured on it & is served hot to the awaiting customers. It’s so tasty you are sure to ask for seconds.


Originally identified as a beach snack, Bhel puri’s origin can be traced to the Gujarati community of Mumbai, Maharashtra.

Best Time to Eat


Price Range

Rs 30 to 60 Approx.

Where You Can Try

  • Babu Chaat stall (Mecricar road)
  • Shankar chaat house (Azad road)
  • Raja Bhel Puri shop (Ramanathapuram)

6 Gol Gappa/Pani Puri

Coimbatore’s love affair with Gol Gappa aka Pani Puri is legendary thanks to the huge north Indian population. It’s super easy to eat, just pop the hollow puri and fill it with masala-rich chickpeas or aloo along with onions & carrots. Dip it in tangy tamarind water & pop it into your mouth & wait for the explosion of flavors. It’s so good!


It is widely believed that Phulkis (the precursor to Pani Puri) first originated in the kitchens of the ancient Magadha Empire, which is now in modern Bihar.

Best Time to Eat

Evening, Teatime

Price Range

Rs 20 to 40 Approx

Where You Can Try

  • SK Pani Puri stall (TK Street)
  • Kandan Pani Puri shop (Big Bazaar Street)
  • Sasi ARC Pani Puri Stall (Sai Baba colony)

7 Vada Pav

vada pav by chef sanjyot keer

India’s own answer to western burgers, Vada Pav is made using a fried Vada (masala Aloo patty) smashed between two toasted buns. This popular snack goes well with Mango Chutney and Ketchup. 

In Coimbatore, however, spicy Chilli/Tomato chutney is the most preferred. Even if you have just two minutes, you can thoroughly enjoy a Vada Pav and be on your way.


Yet again, a Mumbai-based dish, Vada Pav was the invention of Mr. Ashok Vaidya, who wanted to give the busy textile workers of the city a snack option that they can enjoy affordably.

Best Time to Eat

Noon, Evening

Price Range

RS 20 to 35 Approx

Where You Can Try

  • Goli Vada Pav (Mecricar road)
  • Culcutta chaat ( E.Lokamanya street)
  • Rashi Paan, and savories (Rangai Gownder street)

8 Aloo Samosa

aloo samosa

As Indians, we love our Samosa. But Coimbatore is crazy about it more. For many here, tea-time means Samosa time. The dish is made crunchy as the pastry outside is deep-fried to perfection, while the masala aloo (or even chicken) inside will kill your hunger. Ketchup goes amazing with this snack. You can also enjoy it with Mint chutney if you prefer.


If we go with the reports and facts, Samosa originated in the Middle Eastern region during the 10th-century era. The dish is believed to have come to India through the Mughal Empire.

Best Time to Eat

Teatime, evening

Price Range

Rs 10 to 20 Approx.

Where You Can Try

  • Rajasthan Masala snack stall (Murugan Nagar)
  • Kailash Parbat (Brookfields Mall)
  • Mirchi Chaats (Townhall)

9 Muttai Parotta

muttai paroota

From the “tuk-tuk” sounds of its preparation to its killer flavor and aroma, Muttai Parotta is not just a dish in Coimbatore; rather, it’s a feeling. Pour some Korma in & your tummy will be full in no time. It is made using shredded parotta, fried onions, carrots, and peas. In some shops, they even add chicken slices for more amazing flavors!


Strictly a Tamil Nadu special, Kothu parotta (the egg-free version) was first served in Madurai & Chennai regions and is now available all over the state.

Best Time to Eat

Lunch, Dinner

Price Range

RS 40 to 70 Approx

Where You Can Try

  • Valarmathi hotel ( Race Course)
  • Kovai Parotta Kadai (Avinashi Road)
  • Ayya Panju Parotta stall (Thudiyallur)

10 Kambam Koozu

kambu koozh

Is the summer heat in Coimbatore too tiring for you? Beat the heat with a cool glass of Kambam Koozu – an organic cold drink made from Kambam (millet rice), curd, ginger, chili, and cumin. This drink will quickly cool your body and give it energy. It’s also rich in minerals and vitamins like iron amino acids, calcium, zinc, vitamin A, B, E, and more.


This drink is believed to have an ancient history and is a common thirst killer in villages all over Tamil Nadu. It’s especially popular in farming areas.

Best Time to Eat

 All-day long

Price Range

Rs 10 to 25 Approx.

Where You Can Try

  • Racecourse area
  • RS Puram,
  • Selvapuram,
  • Nava India
  • VOC Park
  • Gandhipuram.

Frequently asked questions

1. Is street food in Coimbatore costly?

Not at all. The street food in Coimbatore is known for being light on the wallet & still delivering quantity and healthiness. You can happily binge on them all day.

2. Is Coimbatore a good tourist place?

Aside from its amazing street food options, Coimbatore is well known for its picturesque tourist attractions like Siruvani dam, Monkey falls, Pollachi, Cholayar Dam, and Vaitheki falls. Hill stations like Ooty & Kodaikanal are also nearby.

3. How good is Coimbatore’s dining cuisine?

Called the kongunadu cuisine, the foods here in Kovai are all about masala, hotness, and flavors. Kerala inspired food items are high in demand here, as well as northern and Chinese dishes.

4. Are there any big malls in Coimbatore?

If shopping is in your mind, we recommend visiting Brookfield’s mall in South Kovai and the prozone mall in Peelamedu. They both also have amazing food courts!


Walking the busy streets of Kovai on a breezy evening with a plate of your favorite street food is definitely an awesome experience. You will never forget it. 

The best time to visit the city is in late summer (March to June). The warm climate with a bit of light breeze to cool you is sure to make the street food you’ll taste here even better.

If you want to know more about Coimbatore’s street food or have any questions, reach out to us in the comments below. We will be happy to help.

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