7 Best Food Streets in Bangalore for a Gastronomic Food Tour

Bangalore is much loved by foodies as it consists of numerous food streets scattered all over the city that offers you finger-licking street food at a very cheap and affordable price range. 

People from all over the world visit here to have a taste of the appetizing offerings of this beautiful place.

The food streets of Bangalore have enough options to offer. From Business persons to college students, the food streets in Bangalore are adored by everyone. The food markets here serve both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes with equally mouth-watering tastes. 

Top Food Streets in Bangalore Which You Shouldn’t Miss

These food streets in Bangalore are lined up with multiple stalls, carts, and hole-in-the-wall eateries that are dishing up the flavorful and delicious food in front of you.

Here is a compilation of the top 7 food streets in Bangalore that should not be missed when in Bangalore. This list of food streets is worth checking out.

1 Thindi Beedi, VV Puram

VV Puram is the most famous food street in Bangalore that serves you vegetarian snack food items. This food street attracts a huge crowd of foodies towards it.

From North Indian chaat items to South Indian Dishes to Chinese delicacies, this street serves a wide variety of food items from each corner of India. The best time to visit this street is in the evening.

The price of the food starts from Rs.30 and upwards. It is the best food street for Vegetarians. If you are a gastronome, then this is a place where you can enjoy the relishing taste of multiple Indian food items.

Must-Try Dishes

This whole food street consists of more than 15 eating houses that provide you the finger-licking dishes like Ragi Roti, Paniyaram, Idli, Vadas, Pav Bhaji, Rasgulla chaat, Dabeli, Uttapams, and Dosas that are topped with pure ghee, holige, fried rice and noodles, chaat, Pani puri.

How to Reach Here

The nearest metro station to VV Puram is National College Metro Station, on the green line Namma Metro. The distance in between is 1 Km which is around 10 min walking distance to the market from the metro station.

Market Timings: 12:30 PM-1 AM

2 Mosque Road, Frazer Town

During Ramadan, the foodies of Bangalore have plenty of options to binge on but the best place to head on is Mosque Road.

This place is one of the most preferable picks for Ramzan food in Bangalore. Mosque Road is always hustling and bustling with people but the crowd doubles during the holy month of Ramzan.

Mosque Road can also be said as a night food street in Bangalore as you can enjoy the food here till late at night. While at Mosque Road, I assure you that you couldn’t stop yourself from visiting each shop.

When the aroma coming from the stalls offering varieties of meat items and biryanis hits you and makes you crave for the same, you cannot resist it for long.

This food street serves you mouth-watering treats at every corner of its zig-zag lanes. Here you have lots of options to choose from.

Must-Try Dishes

Sweet rose-flavored Falooda and cold Phirni to spicy keema rolls and mutton Samosa, everything that is served to you is fresh and delicious.

How to Reach Here

The nearest metro station to Mosque Road is Mahatma Gandhi Road Metro Station on the purple line. The distance between the both is about 2 km.

Market Timings: 10 AM-1 AM

3 Loafers Lane, Vasanth Nagar

Loafers Lane is one of the most famous street food places in Bangalore. Loafers Lane is popular as an ‘Adda’ of all the Rowdy students of Mount Carmel College.

This food street in Bangalore became an all-time hangout and chilling area for these college students and then it eventually started being called Loafers Lane.

You cannot expect relaxation and silence from this place as this whole lane is always busy with the college-goers and teenagers.

This lane consists of several food joints that offer you delightful and finger-licking snack food items. Loafer’s Lane is a living paradise for food lovers in Bangalore.

Once you visit here, the savory taste of the food would force you to spend your entire day eating and exploring through different shops here.

Must-Try Dishes

Loafers lane has a lot to offer you as the lane serves a diverse range of scrumptious food items as from Mumbai sandwiches, idli, momos to Mexican and continental dishes in front of you.

How to Reach Here

The nearest metro station to reach here is Cubbon Park metro station on the purple line. This station is 18 min. walk away from the intended destination.

Market Timings: 9 AM-9 PM

4 Shivaji Nagar Market, Shivaji Nagar

Shivaji Nagar food street is a well-known and famous food street in Bangalore. Alike Mosque Road, this street too serves you the non-vegetarian savories. This place consists of a bunch of food stalls and eateries where you can explore the lip-smacking food items.

I bet, you cannot stop yourself when you see the skewers threaded with meat and being cooked on the grills and tandoors in the open.

This food street attracts a large number of non-vegetarian food lovers as it is one of the best places to eat non-veg street food in Bangalore.

The experience and the flavors you taste here are worth remembering for a long time.

Must-Try Dishes

Shivaji Nagar food street offers a sheer variety of non-vegetarian items which include luscious dishes like chicken and mutton kebabs, mutton biryani, and faham that is tandoori chicken.

This food street also serves you Sulaimani tea which is an appetizing non-milk spiced tea that goes perfect with the grilled items served to you by this street.

How to Reach Here

The nearest metro station to this food street is Cubbon Park metro station on the purple line. The place is around 1 km away from the station.

Market Timings: 10:30 AM- 8 PM

5 Johnson Market, Richmond Town

It is one of the famous food streets in Bangalore. Johnson Market food street isn’t too big but still is admired by so many Bangaloreans for its delicious and finger-licking food items.

In Johnson Market, multiple food stalls and shops are lined up together in a lane and serve varieties of delightful food, be it vegetarian or non-vegetarian.

This food street in Bangalore provides you with enough options in both veg and non-veg items.

Johnson Market food street is a bit more crowded in the evening times and on weekends as people love to enjoy their weekend here by having juicy food items.

A walk at this food street is quite exciting as you get to discover unique tastes and flavors by trying out different offerings here.

Must-Try Dishes

This food street in Bangalore serves you some of the best-tasted shawarmas, beef biryani, juicy seekh-Kebabs, sizzling samosas, and mouth-watering rolls, at very budget-friendly rates.

How to Reach Here

The most convenient way to reach here is by Metro. The Mahatma Gandhi Road station is the nearest one to Johnson Market in Richmond Town and the market is 18 min walking distance away.

Market Timings: 5 AM-10 PM

6 Thindi Beedi, Vijayanagar

Vijayanagar food street is one of the most popular street food hubs in the city. This food street serves you a variety of tongue-tickling food options in a single lane.

Vijayanagar food street doesn’t consist of many stalls but still provides you with multiple types of Cuisines such as North Indian, South Indian, Indo-Chinese, and more.

You find a huge crowd of shoppers, university students, and office workers in front of every stall who stop by, to enjoy the lip-smacking and luscious food items.

You can get the food here starting from Rs.30 and onwards. You are going to enjoy yourself fully while exploring this whole food street.

Must-Try Dishes

The must-try food items include pav bhaji, samosas, jalebis, and the quick bites served by several street vendors such as Momos, Masala Puri, Pani Puri, Dabeli, and Kachoris.

How to Reach Here

The nearest metro station to this food street is Vijayanagar Metro Station on the purple line of the Nammo Metro. The market is 3 km away from the station.

Market Timings: 3 PM-10:30 PM

7 Food Street, Koramangala

Koramangala food street is a lively food destination. It is one of the best places to eat street food in Bangalore.

It is not a food street, instead, it’s a big eatery that consists of around 14 food stalls with live music on, offering a wide array of food options from various cuisines which include Indian, Middle-Eastern, American and Chinese cuisines.

You can explore the world through the varied tastes provided by the stalls at this food street. This place properly takes care of your relaxation and comfort as it provides you with both indoor and outdoor seating.

It is designed as a proper food street where you can vibe with the aroma of delicious food items Also, the colorful interior of the place makes it super attractive. It is worth giving this place a happy try.

Must-Try Dishes

You can munch on various items here at this food street such as pizzas, chicken kebabs, biryani, Chilli Garlic Noodles, Dahi Vada, Moong Dal Kachori, and many more items as well.

How to Reach Here

The nearest metro station to reach this food street is Jayanagar Metro Station. The market is 3 km away from the respective metro station.

Market Timings: 9 AM-11 PM


If you are hungry and live in Bangalore, take your pick and head out to make this boring day of your life into excitement and exploration of the flavorsome food offered by the food streets of Bangalore.

And if you don’t belong to Bangalore then visit this amazing place, take out some time from admiring this beautiful place and visit these food streets for sure to get the real feel of the city.

This list of the best food streets in Bangalore should always be there on your to-do list.

You’ll get a lifetime of food experience here in Bangalore streets so don’t even attempt to skip this delicious part from your trip.

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