10 Best Street Food in Bangalore – A Detailed Foodie’s Guide

Is the city Bangalore, just known for its well-recognized IT companies? The answer is No, not at all because the city is also well known for its mouth-watering delicacies that you just can’t say no to. The two words that are enough to describe the street food of Bangalore are ‘inexpensive but delicious’.

The city is recognized for its diverse food cultures which provide you with unique options to explore. Yes, it is right that street food cannot compare with a five-star restaurant because street food is far more delicious than that.

VV Puram, Malleashwaram, Jayanagar, etc. are the famous street food places in Bangalore. At these places, you’ll get Bangalore’s best street food. Also, the night too provides you with luscious street foods as Raja Market is the night food street in Bangalore where you can enjoy the food items at night as well.

Remember, the flavors, the taste that you can find on the road-style stalls on the streets of Bangalore, you’ll never find in any big or luxurious restaurants.

Top 10 Most Popular Street Food of Bangalore

If you are walking on the streets of Bangalore and thinking about what to eat first out of so many options then here is a list for you of the top 10 street food in Bangalore which will make it easy for you to decide. Trust me, it is a must-try Bangalore street food list.

1 Dosa

Dosa is enjoyed by the people all over India but you have to agree that none of that can beat the taste of the one from South India. It is undoubtedly the best street food in Bangalore.

Dosa is a paper-thin pancake made up of the batter of soaked rice and lentils. This batter is spread on the hot Tawa which makes its outer layer super crunchy and the inner layer is stuffed with mashed potatoes or paneer of onion etc. or also can be enjoyed without any stuffing. More than a hundred varieties of Dosas are offered in Bangalore.

It is served with hot and moderate, spicy sambar, and different types of Chutneys that satisfy your appetite. Dosa is one of the very healthy meals you can enjoy in Bangalore.

VV Puram is one of the best food streets in Bangalore. If you are in a mood to eat something light but fulfilling then Dosa in VV Puram is the perfect option.


Dosa is a historical dish that originated in South India and it has been enjoyed in the ancient Tamil Country around the 1st century.

Best Time to Eat

At Breakfast

Price Range

Rs40-120 approx.

Where You Can Get It

  • Central Tiffin Room (Malleshwaram)
  • Numerous roadside stalls on Thindi Beedi at VV Puram

2 Kebabs

Kebabs are the most popular non-veg street food in Bangalore. The finger-licking taste of this street food made it famous among the local people of Bangalore.

The Indian Tadka in kebabs doubles its taste. Kebabs are served hot in both Vegetarian and Nonvegetarian ways, seasoned with various spices and herbs on it, with various chutneys on it.

You can enjoy the relishing taste of this luscious street food on the roadside of Bangalore.

There are a sheer variety of kebabs offered by Bangalore street food stalls. Fanoos and Sheikh Kebabs are the best two that you should give a try. Shivaji Nagar food street is Ramadan’s special food street in Bangalore where you can have the best Kebabs.


Kebab originated in Turkey long back but has a significant place in modern-day cuisine. Kebabs were started as a food item in 1377.

Best Time to Eat

At lunch

Price Range

Rs.50-80 approx. (per pcs)

Where You Can Get It

  • Shivaji Nagar (Johnson Market)
  • Sha-E Darbar (Yeshwanthpur)

3 Sandwich

The youngsters were always busy running here and there because of which they sometimes missed the important meals of the day. For them, quick bites like Sandwich prove to be the best option that is fulfilling, healthy and tasty at the same time.

I bet, when you see the hot spicy masala stuffing between the 2 slices of bread with cheese melting in between, you cannot stop yourself from having one.

Many options of Sandwiches are there, like a vegetable sandwich, cheese sandwich, Grilled Sandwich, etc., just for you to choose your favorite one according to your taste buds.

Sandwiches are served with different sauces like tomato or chili sauce or with mayonnaise. Hari Super Sandwich is the best place for this street food in Bangalore. You can have the best of all sandwiches here.


It originated in England in the year 1762.

Best Time to Eat

At Breakfast and Evening

Price Range


Where You Can Get It

  • Hari Super Sandwich (Jayanagar)
  • Sandwichwallas (Basavanagudi)

4 Obbattu

It is a local sweet of Mysore and is a very favorable street food among the people of Bangalore who have a sweet tooth. It is one of the cheap street foods in Bangalore.

This dessert is addressed by different names in different States. It is prepared using white flour or Rawa and filled with various types of fillings as chana dal or Toor dal, cardamom powder, jaggery, a mix of peanuts, sugar, etc., and is served with hot ghee spread all over it.

It is one of the delicacies normally made around festivals like maha Sankranti as a traditional sweet but that doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy this sweet treat otherwise. You can easily find this sweetmeal on the tiny joints of Bangalore.


It originated in Andhra Pradesh. Its recipe is written in a 14th century Telugu Encyclopedia, Manucharitra.

Best Time to Eat

After Dinner or at Festivals

Price Range

Rs20-30 (per pcs)

Where You Can Get It

  • Holige Mane (Malleshwaram)
  • Rotti Mane (JP Nagar)

5 Mangalore Buns

It is one of the best Bangalore street foods. Mangalore Buns refers to the soft round puri made up of white flour and overripe bananas. These Mangalore Buns have a little sweet taste in them.

The fragmented batter of the buns provides it with a soft and spongy texture and is then deep-fried till golden brown and is ready.

The sweet buns are usually served with spicy coconut chutney or sambar so that both sweet and spicy flavors would be balanced in the dish. And also can be enjoyed on its own.

This is a good go-to snack item that you can enjoy on the streets of Bangalore. If you want to taste the yummiest street food in Bangalore, start with this item. You’re surely going to fall in love with it.


Mangalore Buns are originated in Karnataka

Best Time to Eat

At Breakfast or as a tea-time snack

Price Range

Rs 30-50 approx. (per plate)

Where You Can Get It

  • Chetty’s Corner (Serpentine Road)
  • New Krishna Bhavan (Sirur Park)

6 Uttapam

Another one of the most special and best street foods in Bangalore is Uttapam. It has a similar recipe to a dosa but its texture is much softer than dosa. The Uttapam is somewhat thicker than Dosa.

It is topped with diced vegetables like onion, tomato, capsicum, and carrot with moderate spices, like pizza. It is served with hot sambar or with two types of finger-licking chutneys on the side, coconut chutney, and tomato Chutney. It is quite fulfilling street food.

So, if you want to try it, order it with an empty stomach otherwise you wouldn’t be able to enjoy every flavor in it.


It originated in Tamil Nadu in Southern India as the Tamil ancient literature has a mention of it by its name.

Best Time to Eat

At Breakfast

Price Range

Rs.50-80 approx.

Where You Can Get It

  • MTR (Indiranagar)
  • Madurai Idly Shop (sir CV Raman Road)

7 Gobi Manchurian

Gobi Manchurian is famous street food in Bangalore and is enjoyed by everyone. You might not get it, but Bangalore’s love for Gobi Manchurian is quite high. It is one of the good street foods in Bangalore. It is prepared with Cauliflower, various varieties of sauces.

Cauliflower balls are deeply fried, Soy sauce added flavor into it and is then garnished with chopped vegetables like spring onion and coriander leaves to enhance the taste of the starter. This item is usually served as a starter. It’s a purely vegetarian dish.

This dish can be served in either dry or gravy form. Both the forms are mouth-watering and it is worth giving a try to this crispy snack. It is the best street food in Bangalore.


It Originated in 1975, by a Chinese man in the kitchen of the Cricket Club of India in Mumbai. The chef uses all the basic Indian ingredients and adds a touch of Chinese flavor in it by Soy Sauce which makes it an Indo-Chinese dish.

Best Time to Eat

At Evening

Price Range

Rs.50-80 approx. (per plate)

Where You Can Get It

  • BDA Complex (Banashankari)
  • Spurthy Gobi Centre (Vijay Nagar)

8 Shawarma

Shawarma is one of the best non-veg street foods in Bangalore. It is a lot like a Taco but different. Shawarma refers to the juicy, tender, well-seasoned meat with multiple types of herbs and spices. Bangalore’s non-veg street food is incomplete without Shawarma.

It is made up of marinated meat. It is thinly sliced cuts of meat like chicken, beef, goat, lamb which are rolled into a large flatbread that has been heated or steamed. With meat, pickles, and various types of vegetables get stuffed into the cone.

It takes several hours to properly cook. It is served with salad and french on the side and at some places, it is also served alone without flatbread.

It is late-night street food in Bangalore which is perfect to satisfy your late-night cravings. You can get this street food in Bangalore at night quite easily.


This Arabian delicacy originated in Turkey in the 18th or 19th century by Kadir Nurman.

Best Time to Eat

At lunch or Dinner

Price Range

Rs.60-150 approx.

Where You Can Get It

  • Just Shawarma (Jayanagar)
  • Faanoos (Richmond Town)

9 Vada Pav

Everyone is well aware of Mumbai’s love for Vada Pav but the Bangaloreans are no less than them.

They too share the same bond and love with this light snack. Pav is Bun bread which is stuffed with multiple fillings, vegetarian one is said to be as Vada and if you are a non-vegetarian then you can opt for the non-vegetarian one as well by switching Vada with minced meat.

You can ask for anyone as per your taste demands and is served with fried green chilies and spicy gunpowder chutney on the side.

Vada Pav is said to be the Indian version of a Burger. This snack is appropriate for your evening hunger and midnight craving.


Vada Pav originated in 1960 in Mumbai by Ashok Vaidya, a Maharashtrian.

Best Time to Eat

At evening and midnight

Price Range

Rs. 20-30 approx.

Where You Can Get It

  • Dadar Vada Pav (Indiranagar)
  • Chatar Patar (Jayanagar)

10 Idli

Idli is another most famous South Indian food which you can find on any roadside corner on the streets of Bangalore. It is one of Bangalore's famous street foods.

It is around, a soft and super spongy cake made up of rice which is steamed in the aroma of Butter which is served with hot and a little tangy sambar with coconut chutney and tomato chutney on the side.

This lip-smacking snack is light as well as healthy for your body. It will surely prove to be the best thing to try in this list of best street foods.

VV Puram, a food street in Bangalore has multiple shops that serve you the best idli. It is one of the most famous food streets in Bangalore.


Idli is originated in Southern India

Best Time to Eat

At Breakfast

Price Range

Rs.50-80 approx. (2pcs)

Where You Can Get It

  • Sai Idli Mane (VV Puram)
  • Brahmin’s Coffee Bar (Basavanagudi)
  • Central Tiffin Room (Malleshwaram)


This is the small Bangalore’s street food tour just for you guys and if you are still not craving this delicious street food of Bangalore then you are not a real foodie and the one who is.

If you belong to Bangalore, then gather some of your chilling buddies, there are multiple food streets in Bangalore, Karnataka. Have a walk on those beautiful streets of the place and enjoy your day by having your favorite street food item.

And those who are far away, then without wasting any time, plan a trip to Bangalore to explore this wonderful heaven of best street food, taste all the food items you can and I bet, you'll never run out of choices.

This list of top street foods in Bangalore is right in front of you so that you won’t get confused by seeing the wide varieties of street food here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some FAQs on the top 10 street food of Bangalore

1. Which is the most famous South Indian food shop in Bangalore?

Mavalli Tiffin Room (MTR) is the most famous South Indian shop in Bangalore. The huge crowd gathers every day in front of the shop to try the mouth-watering South Indian food items.

2. Is Bangalore’s street food is pocket-friendly. Yes or no?

Of Course, yes. You can enjoy any street food items under Rs.120 (approx.). You just don’t have to worry about money, you can enjoy every street food at a budget-friendly price.

3. Which is the most popular street food among the youngsters of Bangalore?

Sandwich is the most popular one among the youngsters as it is delicious and quite fulfilling. Also, it doesn’t require much time to eat.

4. Which street food is most enjoyed in the rainy season?

Bhajji is the one which is most enjoyed in the Rainy Season by the Bangaloreans with a cup of filter coffee.

5. Which is the best-known place for street food in Bangalore?

Thandi Beedi, VV Puram is the best-known place for street food in Bangalore where you can enjoy varieties of famous street foods.

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