7 Best Food Streets in Chennai With Must-Try Dishes

Chennai, the capital of Tami Nadu, is one of the most favorable destinations for foodies all over the state.

Like any other metropolitan city like Delhi and Bangalore and many others, Chennai does have a lot much to offer you in terms of food.

Chennai consists of some of the most famous street food joints that can provide you with an everlasting food experience. These finger-licking food streets in Chennai can easily satisfy your hunger pangs.

If you want to experiment with your taste buds, let’s go together on the food date at different food streets here in Chennai to explore and experience the real taste of the city.

Top 7 Food Streets in Chennai

From Idlis to Sundal Chaat to Kothu Parotta everything you are going to find on the food streets of Chennai will surely mesmerize you from top to bottom.

So, check out this list of the top 7 food streets in Chennai that everyone, including you, should try while here.

1 Anna Nagar

Anna Nagar is one of the most well-known street food places in Chennai.

Anna Nagar consists of some of the most famous local street food eateries where you can have mouth-watering South Indian, North India, Mughalai, and Chinese delicacies.

This food street offers you unique flavors and tastes in all the varieties of food offered by this food street.

Anna Nagar food street is usually crowded by the locals who gather at this place every day to explore a variety of food items served by different cuisines at this place.

Must-try Dishes: Jigarthanda is one of the most popular beverages that you can enjoy at this food street.

Also, you can have authentic South Indian food items here at every second corner in Anna Nagar.

How to Reach Here: The nearest metro station to the market is Anna Nagar Metro Station. The Market is 3 min walking distance away from the Metro Station.

Market Timings: 11 AM-9 PM

2 Srinivasa Road, T. Nagar

Srinivasa Road food street is dotted with multiple food stalls and carts offering varieties of traditional South-Indian meals.

Srinivasa Road in T. Nagar is home to several stalls and eateries serving local street food items such as Parottas, Vanjaram fry, idiyappam, curry dosa, Muttai curry, Kozhi roast, etc.

This food street also serves you Rajasthani and Gujrati cuisine. This food street draws a large number of office goers and shoppers everyday who stop by to grab a quick bite from here.

You surely couldn’t stop yourself from tasting the offerings of this food street once.

Srinivasan Road Food street is hustling and bustling with people mostly in the evening hours.

Must-try Dishes: Dosa and Idiyappam, the steamed rice noodles are two of the most famous items that you should must-try while here.

You can also try some of the unique specialties of this food street like mouth-watering Dhoklas and Chaats.

How to Reach Here: The nearest metro station to this market is Nandanam Metro Station. It is about a km away from the destination.

Market Timings: 9 AM-9:30 pm

3 Marina Beach

Marina Beach in Chennai is a beautiful wide sandy beach. This place consists of hundreds of food stalls facing the ocean and serving deliciously tasty street food items to munch on.

If you are a hygiene lover then this place consists of plenty of nice cafes and restaurants as well to satisfy your cravings.

Marina Beach becomes a super crowded place during holidays as a large number of locals love to enjoy their weekends at this beautiful place by having the tongue-tickling offerings of this place and enjoying the gust of fresh air.

Here you can find the cheapest street food. If you are a beach and a food lover then this place would be a living paradise for you.

Must-try Dishes: A visit to this pleasing beach is incomplete without having a plate of freshly fried crispy Bhajis.

Multiple types of Bhajis such as chili bhaji, onion bhaji, potato bhaji are served by multiple stalls here.

If you are in a mood to have some meat delicacy then Fish fry is a must-try option here.

How to Reach Here: A bus is the most convenient way to reach this place. The closest bus stop to the beach is the Marina Beach bus stop. The beach is 3-4 min walking distance away from the stop.

It has regular buses plying between the rest of the city and the beach.

Market Timings: 11 AM-11 PM

4 Kapaleeswarar Temple Food Street, Mylapore

It is a food street that serves authentic vegetarian street food dishes in front of you.

Nothing can beat the mouth-watering taste of the temple offering that is the evening Prasaddam and the offerings of this food street that surrounds the whole of the popular Kapaleeswarar Temple.

There is no better area to eat street food than this food street. Kapaleeswarar Temple food street has more than a dozen street food stalls serving a wide array of street food items.

From staple food like idli and dosa to traditional sweet and savory snacks, this food street provides you with every food item you crave for.

This food street consists of some of the most popular stalls that provide you with lip-smacking and worth remembering offerings.

Must-try Dishes: You should try Curd Rice, Rasam, hot Pongal, and chilled Rose milk here as they are some of the specialties of this food street.

How to Reach Here: Kuchery Road Bus Stop is the nearest bus stand to this temple.

This divine temple is 4 min walk away from the stop.

Market Timings: 8 AM-9 PM

5 Mint Street, Sowcarpet

Mint street is one of the oldest food streets in the whole of Chennai.

This food street in Sowcarpet consists of many eateries that serve you various North Indian street food items. Sowcarpet is well known as a Mecca of street food in Chennai.

This place offers you delicious quick bites that can easily satisfy your hunger pangs. Mint street serves you everything from food to drinks.

This food street attracts a huge crowd of locals and tourists.

You’ll find some of Chennai’s most detectable street food items at this particular food street.

People from all over the world come here just to explore the north Indian delicacies offered by this southern state.

The offerings of this food street would blow your mind with its aroma and taste.

Must-try Dishes: It is one of the best destinations in Chennai where you can have the best North Indian food specialties.

Some of the chaat options like Dahi Papdi Chaat, Bhelpuri, mouth-watering quick bites like Pav Bhaji, Vada Pav, sandwiches, dessert items like Jalebi, Ras Malai, and beverages like Lassi are some of the must-try options here.

How to Reach Here: The nearest Metro Station to this Mint Street is Manadi Metro Station on the Blue Line.

The food street is 14 min walking distance away from the metro station.

Market Timings: 10:30 AM-9 PM

6 Besant Nagar Beach

Basant Nagar Beach is famous for its luscious seafood and street food treats.

There are several restaurants around the beach serving varieties of food options to you.

From Chinese to North Indian to Italian to Continental to South Indian, this food street at this beach serves you every single finger-licking cuisine.

Whether you are a vegetarian or non-vegetarian, this place has unlimited offerings to serve in front of you.

Also, this beach is filled with dozens of stalls of Bhajis and seafood that should not be missed at any cost.

Must-try Dishes: Fried fish, Mirchi bhaji, Sundal Chaat, and corn on cub are some of the must-try delicacies that should not be missed while at the beach.

How to Reach Here: The nearest Bus Station to this Beach is Basant Nagar Bus station. The Beach is 7 min walking distance away from the Bus stop.

Market Timings: 12 PM-9 PM

7 Burma Bazaar, George Town

Burma Bazaar is the hub for Burmese dishes.

During civil unrest in the 1960s in Burma, Indians were forced to leave the place and so many Tamil Indians came back to Chennai and established a place named Burma Bazaar.

Some of the Tamilians in the group come back with interesting Burmese street food options and set up shops here. Today there are a bunch of roadside stalls that serve deliciously tasty Burmese food items.

This food street is filled with the mouth-watering aroma of its Burmese delicacies.

I assure you, when you see authentic Burmese food being cooked, you couldn’t stop yourself from trying its unique flavors.

If you want to try Burmese cuisine, this food street is perfect to pay a visit to.

Must-try Dishes: Burmese delicacies such as Bejo, Mohinga, egg noodles, khoe Suey, and most especially Atho are some of the must-try options that you should not forget to try.

How to Reach Here: The high court Metro Station on the Blue Line is the nearest metro station to this place.

The station is a 9 min walk away from the Bazaar.

Market Timings: 11 AM-10 PM


So, this is how the whole food street guide of Chennai ends. All these food streets have a very special place in the heart of people in Chennai.

This list of the most famous food streets should always be on top of your list whenever you visit this place.

Trust me, nothing can beat the food experience you get in these food streets of Chennai.

I assure you, that these food streets would steal your heart on your one visit.

Are you still reading? Come on it’s over, just plan a trip to this southern city and explore the best street food of your life at these amazing food streets

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