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Ram Kannan Vlogs – Story of Grit, Love and Lots of Food

Hey, have you heard of Ram Kannan? No, don’t think so? Well, what about his nickname, “Biriyani Kannan?” yup, now that rings a bell, right?

Indeed, today we are gonna be talking about MR. Ram Kannan – a Tamil YouTube food vlogger/reviewer whose palate-smacking, food tripping videos are setting YouTube’s foodie scene on fire. He is best known for his ultra-popular Biriyani review videos and travelogues featuring flavors from all over south India.

Here’s everything you need to know about Ram Kannan. His eponymous YT channel and his never-ending journey for good food;

Ram Kannan Vlogs – Quick Facts

1.Channel NameRam Kannan
2.Type Food/Lifestyle Vlogger
3.OwnerMr. Ram Kannan
4.Started year2011
5.PlaceChennai, TamilNadu
6.Videos Uploaded580
8.Subscribers count344K
9.Total Views59,625,424
10.Average Daily Views35k
11.Income3 - 4 Lakh INR ( Approximately)
12.Upload Frequency4 Videos/Week

Ram Kannan Vlogs – A Brief Overview

ram kannan brief overview

Starting in 2011, the “Ram Kannan” YouTube channel is run by Mr. Ram Kannan – a former TV anchor turned food reviewer. Through his channel, he chronicles his life and love for quality, tasty food which has now earned him over 344k subscribers and 59,625,424 views. Today, he is regarded as one of the best food vloggers in India.

His videos are all about food, food, and more food. He travels around cities, searching for hidden local eateries, and features their best dishes to the world. His unique food reviewing style, coupled with his energetic presentation is really a sight to behold.

He typically posts about 3 to 4 videos per week. He too had a pandemic slowdown, but he has now gone back to uploading new contents in full force these last months.

Channel Owner

ram kannan vlogs owner

The channel is owned and managed by Mr. Ram Kannan. He has a small team helping to shoot the videos however, editing is all done by Ram himself – he prefers it that way.


Almost all Ram Kannan videos are mostly shot in & around Chennai, his hometown. He also does a lot of travelogues visiting places like karaikudi, Manali, Thanjavur, Sivakasi, Thirunelveli, Coimbatore, Erode, Theni, etc…

He is also planning to do international vlogging trips soon. He’s been teasing about it in his channel for a while now.

Channel Income

In one of his earlier videos, Ram Kannan had given us a look at his YouTube earning, which at the time – 8 months after starting the channel – was about just 8000 rupees.

Since then, his channel andiews have grown pretty exponentially. Today, we estimate that he earns around 3-4 lakhs from his YouTube channel alone. This is besides the income that comes from endorsements, sponsorships, and other offline sources.

Like most other YouTubers out there, much of the income he now earns gets reinvested into improving the production quality of his videos (new cameras, better lighting, audio, etc…).

Ram Kannan Vlogs: From the TV to your YouTube feed

Born and brought up in Chennai, Mr. Ram Kannan, before he becomes a YouTuber, was pretty much like us – A youth who wanted to do something different with his life.

After completing his visual communication degree, he went on a career hopping journey for the next couple of years, which saw him work as everything from a telemarketing-caller, an IT professional to a TV anchor (on Mega TV, Shalini TV, Sun TV. Etc…). During this time, he also got married to his love, Mrs. Kalaivani, his college classmate/sweetheart.

ram kannan family

Life was going good, career was doing awesome. But after a while, the mundaneness of everything started to catch up to him – Ram began getting bored with his life

In 2011 while he was still doing his anchoring, he got a chance for a Goa trip. He was elated and intending to make the best out of it, he documented his whole trip on his iPhone and uploaded it to YouTube, all for the sake of fun.

And that’s how Ram began his YouTube career…

After uploading a few more videos over the years, Ram finally realized in 2018 that YouTube is what he really wanted to do in life, not just another desk job. So, with support from his wife, he got himself a personal loan, quit his job at Sun TV & started doing YouTube full time.

With renewed passion, he started doing more food videos, especially on Biriyanis. He went around the city, found new foodie delicacies, and featured them on his channel. Soon, people started to notice his talents, and the channel started to grow. Nowadays, he also does a lot of everyday life blogs with his family & friends that are raking up killer views.

So, what’s the story today? Well, he now got over 340K loyal subscribers (including us!) who are tuning in to his channel every day to see & enjoy his latest foodie celebrations.

What Is So Awesome About his Videos?

Without a doubt, there are many reasons to love Ram Kannan’s awesome videos. For starters, his presentation style is truly phenomenal. Ram is super comfortable in front of the camera (thanks to his TV anchoring past) and delivers his content with a bright smile on his face, it’s super easy to get hooked to his videos.

He mostly does his videos on local cuisines and eateries. His content is aimed at foods we common people would like to eat every day, not anything too flashy or expensive. If you are a local foodie, his videos are a must-watch. We also love the way he reviews food. Eschewing the animated histrionics many food reviewers tend to take, Ram instead tries out each dish with utmost passion, digging into them as if he were still at home – big bites, finger-licking and all…

This is especially true for his Biriyani review videos, which see him practically gushing over its tangy richness and flavors. It’s really fun to watch (more on this in a bit)

#1 Genuine, Honest, and Relatable

ram kannan reviews are honest and reliable

One of the key things why people are flocking to see his food reviews is because of the sheer genuineness he is bringing to the table. If he loves a dish, he’d praise it to the moon. Not good, he would rip apart it with words. He is not afraid to do either.

While he is reviewing, he does so from the point of view of his subscribers. He does a lot of mouth-watering close-up shots of the dishes too, and we love it. His videos start off with a brief introduction of the dish/eatery he is reviewing, including its location info & other highlights. The way he interacts with Shop owners & customers is pretty engaging to watch as well.

He gives his opinions as he eats. This means that we’re seeing his genuine, unfiltered experience on the screen – yup, it doesn’t get real than this!

#2 His Love for Biriyani is Legendary

biryani lover

In Ram Kannan’s case, he doesn’t just like Biriyani, he practically worships them. His channel is littered with videos of him trying out all kinds of Biriyanis. In fact, he has tried them all – From egg, chicken, mutton to mushroom and beyond.

One of his recent videos sees him trying to finish a 3KG + 6 Eggs Biriyani portion with his wife so he is not alone in his love for this Mughal delicacy.

He also does a lot of comparison videos too where he tries out Biriyanis from different shops simultaneously & shares his thoughts. Notably, his comparison video on Thalappakatty & YA Mohaideen Biriyanis is a must-watch.

In short, Ram Kannan AKA Biriyani Kannan is the go-to guy for all things Biriyani on YouTube right now, period!

Ram Kannan Vlogs – Milestones and Biggest Hits

While overnight viral success is a common theme for many YouTubers, that wasn’t the case with Ram Kannan vlogs. Only by putting out consistently quality content did he become what he is today. It took him around two whole years of hard work and countless sleepless nights to reach the 250K subscriber milestone.

In the 7 months since then, he has added 100K more subs to his channel so there is good growth momentum right now. Soon he will reach the 500K mark – he deserves it.

Highest Viewed Videos

With over 2.2 million views and counting, the most popular video on Ram Kamnan’s YouTube channel is about the time he visited the Bhai Kadai – a popular street eatery in central T Nagar – and trying out 15+ of their top-selling non-veg curries.

He has 2 other videos that have 1 million+ view. One is about the time he visited the new VGP marine kingdom water theme park in Chennai, and the other sees him trying out the delicacies offered at a popular street eatery near Malar hospital in the city.

Top 5 Reasons to Follow Ram Kannan

Ram Kannan might not be as popular as other Tamil food vloggers like Dan JR, and Irfan’s views. However, there are still plenty of great reasons to give his videos a try.

Awesome reasons like;

1 The Ultimate Biriyani Channel

There is literally no Biriyani shop in Chennai that Ram Kannan hasn’t visited yet. You can find tons of great videos of him exploring, reviewing, and comparing Biriyanis of every flavor and type out there.

Thinking of his channel as an encyclopedia and you’ll get the point

2 Energy-rich Presentation

You can literally see how full of smiles he is when he is in front of the camera, and it’s very infectious. He is funny, witty and the monologues he shares while trying out dishes keep the videos crazy interesting.

3 Simple, Honest Reviews

Ram always makes it a point to give his honest feedback on whatever dish he tries, be it positive or negative. He is very frank about everything.

4 Your Local Food Guide

if you are a foodie living in Chennai or are planning to go there, Ram Kannan’s vlogs are a must-see. He features many awesome local eateries, tasty and affordable street foods, interesting dining experiences, and more…

5 Interesting Life Vlogs

Mr. Ram Kannan recently started doing a lot more life vlogs. He not only shares the BTS of his Food reviews, but also his personal life, like doing food challenges, pranks, and cooking sessions alongside his wife.

Final Words – Food Reviews Done Right

Ram Kannan’s one-of-a-kind food reviews not only make for an interesting watch but also offers an in-depth look at many delicacies & foodie experiences that we’re yet to try. He visits restaurants that even local people aren’t aware of, tries niche dishes in his inimitable style – all the while aiming to entertain people with informative content every single day.

Ram is also the perfect example of why one should follow their passion. It takes guts to quit a well-paying job & enter the volatile YouTuber life. But hey, we’re glad Ram did it. We surely would’ve missed out on some killer world-class delicacies if not!

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